A Coruña: Shellfish fishermen from the O Burgo estuary return to demand their dredging | Radio Coruña

The Platform for the Defense of the Ría de O Burgo has returned to concentrate before the Government Delegation to demand the dredging. It has been 14 years, fourteen, since the first time the estuary was closed by toxins.

14 years of demonstrations

Fourteen years of demonstrations and two since the approval of the environmental impact study, with all the procedures prepared for the tender. They denounce that Xunta and the Central Government are impassive in the face of a situation that is not stagnating, but is getting worse. Of the two thousand jobs generated by the O Burgo estuary in the eighties, they have risen to 50. Today they have presented a new document in the Government Delegation demanding the dredging and urging that the budget of the European Union be reclaimed, 24 million euros, higher than the other 24 allocated by the State.

“The estuary is getting worse and worse, because of all that there was in the past, we have 19% left to work with, -he regrets Jesús Vázquez, vice patron of the Fishermen’s Association of A Coruña– the rest is all full of mud, mussel … there is very little seafood for everyone; have to wait”.

The muds have taken the life of a shellfishman

They denounce that the mud from the estuary reaches a height of five feet at some points. In one of them a shellfish colleague died swallowed by the mud. Currently there are 78 shellfish fishermen working on foot and afloat in the Ría de O Burgo, there were two thousand in the 1980s. During the mobilization, the BNG spokesperson in María Pita, Francisco Jorquera, and other nationalist representatives of the metropolitan area.

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