A Coruña | R Cable: R subcontractor workers take to the streets again against “offshoring” | Radio Coruña

Workers of R subcontractors refocus this Tuesday at half past seven in front of the company building on Calle Real. They denounce the implementation of a process of “relocation” by the owner, Euskaltel. They fear that I may put more than 500 jobs at risk in A Coruña.

One of the main victims, Comfica, which is in charge of providing telephone support to the cable operator, is holding two 24-hour strike days today and tomorrow. Your employees They expect the service to move to Asturias in the month of October to be loaned by ZTE.

Listen to Luis Ínsua, member of the COMFICA company committee on Play SER

Indra staff, in charge of technical support for R, has also called work stoppages of three hours in rejection of the announcement of reduction of the number of hours of service, which brings, according to union sources, the relocation of 8 permanent workers and the non-renewal of temporary employees. They will take place this Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and tomorrow morning from eleven to two.

UGT has announced mobilizations in the R telephone services sector for September 2.

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