A cooking showdown with Lee Jia over the right to appear in Yang Se-hyung’s penthouse, Plaza of Goodness

‘Plaza of goodness’ (Photo = SBS)

Yang Se-hyung of’Plaza of Taste’ burned his will to win over Lee Ji-ah and’Penthouse’ cameo appearance.

On the 14th broadcast of SBS’s’Plaza of Goodness’, Baek Jong-won, Yang Se-hyeong, Kim Hee-cheol, Yoo Byung-jae, and Kim Dong-jun, together with guest Lee Ji-ah, head to Pohang to promote the consumption of seasonal spinach.

Jia Lee, a limited express guest who came to the Pohang flight following the Jeju flight, also faced a cooking showdown. In a cooking showdown on the theme of spinach, he faced Yang Se-hyung. When Baek Jong-won offered to accept the wishes of the team that won the confrontation, Lee Ji-a expressed her determination for victory by saying that she wanted to receive Baek Jong-won’s sword.

On the other hand, Yang Se-hyung asked for a wish from Lee Ji-ah, not from Baek Jong-won. In season 2 of the popular drama’Penthouse’, which recently ended successfully, the members of’Plaza of Goodness’ proposed a cameo appearance. Then, Jia Lee readily accepted that the production crew of’Penthouse’ also mentioned the cameo appearance of members of’Plaza of Goodness’. As expected, Yang Se-hyung is raising expectations as to whether he will be able to win the confrontation with Lee Ji-ah and get the right to appear in’Penthouse’.

Baek Jong-won and Kim Hee-cheol, who became judges of the culinary competition, challenged outdoor camping cooking. The two started their camping experience starting with the recent trend’Bulmaeng’. Prior to the full-scale camping cooking, Baek Jong-won started to cook a unique whole pork belly with an idea that he immediately came up with, saying he wanted to try it. Not only that, he also presented desserts using waffle machines and skewers full of fire.

In the evening, Baek Jong-won announced the start of’Baek Night Restaurant’ with spinach dishes. In particular, Baek Jong-won showed off his romantic husband’s side by showing the first dish he made to his wife Soo-jin after marriage. In addition, he made the food that would be seen in a high-end restaurant with spinach alone, and drew the admiration of Nonvengers.

‘Plaza of Goodness’ is broadcast every Thursday at 9 PM.

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