A consultant reveals the main symptoms of mental illness

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Dr. Walid Hindi, a mental health consultant, said that the mental health of a person means that he is able to cope with crises and pressures, and overcome problems with ease, noting that the most important symptoms of mental illness are sleep disturbance, loss of appetite or mood swings.

“Hindi”, during a telephone interview with the media figures Amina Mahdi and Inas Al-Laithi, on the “Your Health in the World” program, broadcast on the channel “cbc”, said on Wednesday evening that mental illness among Arabs and Egyptians in particular has physical symptoms, commenting: “The disease is psychological.” Origin, but physical symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or back pain or neck roughness ».

He pointed out that the World Health Organization confirmed that 92% of those who go to the physiologist should go to a psychiatrist at the beginning, including diabetics, hypertension and breakers, because the inability of a person to face crises leads to the exit of cells from the normal paths, and may lead to infection Cancer, God forbid.

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