“A Comprehensive Guide for Ramadan 2023: How to Watch Syrian, Lebanese, and Syndicated TV Series”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — The Syrian drama deals with the Ramadan 2023 season, stories of popular heroes, and dives into the worlds of crime, corruption and power struggle, with an ample share of “levantine” stories, and a small amount of comedy.

Folk heroes
Zand – Orontes wolf: “Assi” faces the biggest challenge in his life after returning from military service, to find himself in the middle of dangerous conspiracies involving influential figures in the Levant Province, just before the First World War.

The series is written by. Omar Abu Saada, directed by Samer Barqawi, and produced by Cedars Art Production- Sabbah Brothers.

Starring: Tim Hassan, Dana Mardini, Anas Tayara, Fayez Kazak, Reham Al-Qassar, and many other actors.
It is shown on MBC Drama, and the Shahid platform.

Al-Arabji: “A Story of Fire Born from the Womb of Injustice”; Its events revolve mainly around “Abdo Al-Arabji”, who struggles with life with all his might, in the face of the machinations and tyranny he is exposed to, in a work that most of his characters are subjected to injustice, so that they choose confrontation or surrender.

The series is written by Othman Juhi and Moayad Al-Nabulsi, directed by Saif Al-Subaie, and produced by Golden Line.

Starring: Bassem Yakhour, Dima Kandalaft, Milad Youssef, Nadine Khoury, Fares Yaghi, Tasnim Pasha, Tariq Maraachli, Shadi Al-Safadi, Madiha Knifati, Hala Ragab, and many other actors.
Shown on ART, LBC, SBC, lbci and Roya.

In the lanes of the Levant
Ezz Jam: After the children of the leaders of three Damascene lanes are kidnapped in 1900 AD, facts begin to emerge little by little after 18 years have passed, to determine who will win in a fierce battle between good and evil.

The series is written by Ali Moeen Al-Saleh, directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and produced by MBC.

Starring: Mahmoud Nasr, Abbas Al-Nouri, Amal Arafa, Suzan Najm El-Din, Khaled Al-Qish, Nadine Tahsin Bey, and many other actors.
It is shown on MBC Drama, and the Shahid platform.

Jinn Alley: A suspenseful drama that revolves around a serial killer hiding from the eyes in a Damascene neighborhood, whose people think that the jinn are responsible for these crimes before they discover the shocking truth.

The series is written by Mohamed El-Aas, directed by Tamer Ishaq, and produced by MB PRODUCTION.

Starring: Ayman Zidan, Amal Arafa, Abdel Moneim Amairi, Shadi Zidan, Safaa Sultan, Shukran Murtaja, Emarat Rizk, Saad Mina, Wael Zidan, and many other actors.
It is shown on Rotana, LBC, Al Dhafra and Sharjah.

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Dome Lane 3: In the third season of the work, “Sayyah” arrives in the neighborhood with many secrets. “Umm Al-Ezz” decides to confront, “Abu Al-Ezz” searches for revenge, and “Ikhlas” intervenes in the line of events.

The series is written by: Osama Kokish, directed by Rasha Sharbatji, and produced by Iaj.
Shown to Roya.

Bab Al-Hara 13: The residents of the “Hyena” neighborhood return to their neighborhood, after the end of the French Mandate, to begin a new phase in their lives, with the declaration of Syria as an independent state.

The series is written by Marwan Kawouk, directed by Manal Omran, and produced by Qabban Media.
Starring: Najah Safkouni, Radwan Aqili, Tayseer Idris, Fadia Khattab, Ali Akrim, Nizar Abu Hajar, Huda Shaarawi, Sahar Fawzi, Qassem Malho, Rawa Yassin, Amana Wali, Rabab Kanaan, Muhammad Qanoua, Umayyah Malas, and many other actors.

Struggle for power.. Crimes and corruption

Smile, general. “The events of the series revolve around a tyrannical ruling family that seizes the reins of power in the country, and a conflict arises in it between two brothers, one of whom inherited the presidency from his father, and the axis of the conflict centers around the power of influence in the country without taking into account its interest and the interest of the citizens…”.

The series is written by Samer Radwan, directed by Orwa Mohamed, and produced by Metafora Production.

Starring: Maxim Khalil, Abdel Hakim Qteifan, Reem Ali, Mazen Al-Natour, Sawsan Arshaid, Azza Al-Bahra, Farah Bseiso, Ghatfan Ghanoum, and many other actors.

It is shown on Syria TV.

North Circle: The series takes its name from the path of the longest public transportation trip in Damascus, and its events take place in the popular “Maward” neighborhood, which a corrupt man tries to control due to the importance of its geographical location, hoping to turn it into real estate wealth. Eighth, the events of the work take place during three time periods, in the eighties and nineties of the last century, up to the present time.

The series is written by Hazem Suleiman, directed by Amer Fahd, and produced by Iyad Al-Khazouz by I See Media Services.

Starring: Abdel Moneim Amairi, Amal Bouchoucha, Anas Tayara, Nancy Khoury, Ahmed Al-Ahmad, Mohamed Haddaky, Fayez Kazak, Heba Nour, Ali Karim, Wael Zidan, Tariq Maraachli, Jamal Al-Ali, Abeer Shams El-Din, Maryam Ali, Ola Pasha, Marwa Al-Atrash, Rana Karam, and many other actors.

Interview with Mr. Adam – Part Two: After waiting, the second part of the police series, which achieved mass success in its first part, will be shown, so that more secrets will be revealed, about the story of the forensic doctor, “Adam Abdel Haq”, who turns into a serial killer, motivated by retribution for those who killed his daughter, with some changes in the list of heroes, and the entry of New characters on the line of events.

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The series is written and directed by Fadi Selim, co-written by Shadi Kiwan, and produced by Al Ward Pictures.

Starring: Ghassan Masoud, Mohamed Al-Ahmad, Rana Shmeis, Mustafa Al-Mustafa, Yazan Khalil, Gianna Anid, Al-Sudair Masoud, Egyptian actress Menna Fadali, and many other actors.

One of the Syrian social works for this season is a series cherry: It revolves around a Syrian businessman who takes advantage of the Beirut port explosion and hides from his spoiled daughter, in order to teach her a lesson.

The series is written by Marwan Kaouk, directed by Rashad Koukesh, and produced by Apamea.

Starring: Osama Al-Romani, Firas Ibrahim, Lilia Al-Atrash, Wafaa Mousalli, and many other actors.

Displayed on Weyak platform.

Syrian comedy
Sabaya Flex: The series “Sabaya” returns in a new season after an absence of 10 years, to witness the renewal of the meeting between “Noor” and “Medea” after great changes that occurred in their lives, and girls from the new generation join them, to work on establishing a joint project through which they want to achieve a quantum leap in the field. life, but it won’t be easy.

The series is written by: Mahmoud Idris, directed by Fadi Wafai, and produced by Bana.

Starring: Dima Bayaa, Jenny Esber, Nazli Al-Rawas, Mirna Shalfoun, Nora Al-Ayek, Doujana Issa, Nada Barhoum, Lynn Dahiah, and many other actors.

Shown on Rotana and LBC.

Minister’s decision: The events revolve around a former lawyer who is appointed to the position of a minister. Shortly after taking office, he is surprised by the issuance of a strange decision that escalates the events, in a series of comic paradoxes.

The series is written and directed by Tarek Al-Sawah, and produced by Qabban Media.
Starring: Gerges Jabara, Ghada Bashour, Reem Abdel Aziz, Jenny Esber, Jamal Al-Ali, Hussein Abbas, and many other actors.

Lebanese-Syrian drama

fire with fire: After fleeing her war-torn homeland, the Syrian schoolteacher “Maryam” finds herself stranded in Beirut, alone and without identity papers. She must struggle to continue in a city she does not know. .

The series is written by Ramy Koussa, directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and produced by Cedars Art Production- Sabbah Brothers.

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Starring: Abed Fahd, Karis Bashar, George Khabbaz, Tariq Tamim, Zina Makki, Tony Issa, and many other actors.

It is shown on Dubai, Alsumaria, LBCI and Shahid platform.

For die 3: In the third season of the work, “Reem” and “Sahar” choose to rewrite their lives and start from scratch, but soon they face a new revenge that digs up a past that was never buried, with the entry of new characters in the line of work events.

The series is written by Nadine Jaber, directed by Philip Asmar, and produced by Eagle Films Production.
Starring: Maguy Bou Ghosn, Daniela Rahma, Ward Al-Khal, Mahyar Khaddour, Yamen Al-Hajli, and many other actors.

Shown on MTV and Shahid.

Finally: The series revolves around a romantic love story between “Khayal” and “Yaqout”, and the struggles they face for their love, as fate turns sweet dreams into nightmares.

The series is written and directed by Osama Obaid Al-Nasser, and produced by Cedars Art Production- Sabbah Brothers.
Starring: Nadine Nassib Naguib, Qusay Khouli, Mona Wasef, Camille Salama, Gabriel Yamin, and many other actors.

It is shown on MBC Drama, MBC Egypt, and Shahid platform.

Collaborative business expected
A highlight for this season Safarberlik: The work deals with the lives of 4 Arab young men in Istanbul who find themselves on a journey that will change their fate during the “Saferberlik” period. The decision issued by the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad Rashad in 1914 to invite men from the subjects of the Ottoman Empire and the Arab countries to join compulsory military service during the period of World War I.

Written by Kitab Group, directed by Allaith Hajjo, and produced by MBC Studios

Starring: Wissam Fares, Anas Tayara, Bio Shehan, Abdul Rahman Al Yamani, Abed Fahd, George Khabbaz, Muhammad Bakhsh, Muayad Al Thaqafi, Khaled Yaslam, Mila Al Zahrani, Hind Muhammad, and many other actors.

It is shown on MBC1, and the Shahid platform.

The night of the fall: The most recent work takes place between 2014 and 2017, and reviews the tragic conditions experienced by the people of Mosul during the years of ISIS control over it, leading to the liberation of the city.

The series is written by Magdy Saber, directed by Nagy Ta’ami, and produced by “Bala Hudood”.

Starring: Tariq Lotfi, Basem Yakhour, Jawad Al Shukarji, Saba Mubarak, Kinda Hanna, Milad Youssef, and many other actors.

Shown on: Zagros Arabia, Rotana and LBC.

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