a competition organized to find the poster for the festival’s 10th anniversary

The 10 years, it should have been done in August 2020. But the year, let’s say, was not very favorable to festivals. “However, we did not want to get bogged down in still very new health protocols. And above all, we did not want to celebrate our 10 years at a discount. »Dixit Jean-Luc Nicolle, director of MJC Desforges, beating heart of the Klap Klap festival.

Since then, 2021 has shown the tip of its nose, its hopes … and already its disappointments. Never mind, the MJC team, this time, had plenty of time to adapt to this crisis situation. And therefore intends to finally celebrate these 10 years as it should. By launching the appetizers right now.

Ten years is a good age. Especially concerning this meeting which is aimed precisely… at children, from 3 to 12 years old. “Klap Klap was born, in fact, from the desire to offer a meeting between the child and the moving image. This made it a festival designed by and for children, ”recalls Jean-Luc Nicolle. “Helping success, it has become a festival made by children for the whole family. “

Jurors picked from the Aged Potes!

The animated image retains, in fact, its full power of capture and wonder with a young audience thirsty to understand its subtle mechanisms, whether technical or creative. “What invariably sparkles in their eyes!” “

To the point that some of the festival’s faithful did not want to give up this meeting, even after passing the age limit of 12 years. About fifteen teenagers have therefore formed a small collective, nicely called Les Potes Agés. Objective: to get involved in the organization on a voluntary basis. And, in addition this year, to constitute a jury.

Because there is competition. In this case a poster competition, one of those appetizers that Zoé had the idea. “Zoe is our young intern in cultural mediation, recruited to unite the public around this festival, during and before the event. One way or another. “Physically or not.

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The poster competition will thus make it possible to put oneself already in the psychic and creative conditions. It is neither more nor less than finding the poster for the festival’s 10th anniversary! Without constraint, neither age, nor technique. Except not to include any text there for the moment.

Rendered copies on April 3. From April 6 to 16, all these “visuals” will be posted online to allow Internet users to vote. So that ten posters will be selected which will then be submitted to the jurors of the Aged Pots. This is therefore only a foretaste of a festival that intends, in August 2021, to showcase all its flavors. And all its glimmers!

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