A clash with anti-Russian forces in Ukraine was inevitable, Putin said

“Ukraine has begun to turn into anti-Russian strongholds, where the sprouts of nationalism and neo-Nazism that have existed for a long time have begun to grow,” Putin said. “The growth of neo-Nazism has been specially cultivated and Russia’s clash with these forces was inevitable, they only chose time to attack,” Putin said.

During a visit to the spaceport, he noted that he would especially like to highlight the Russian Air Force. “Our officers are taking part in a special military operation in Donbas, Ukraine. They provide assistance to the People’s Republics. They act boldly, competently, efficiently and effectively, using the most modern types of weapons with unique, unique characteristics, “said Putin.

Our goals are noble, says Putin

The head of the Kremlin is convinced that the goals of the operation to protect Donbas will be achieved. “It will be. There is no doubt that the armed forces will achieve their goals. The goals are perfectly understandable, they are noble, “Putin emphasized. According to him, the Kiev authorities, “pushed by the West, refused to comply with the Minsk agreements aimed at a peaceful solution to the problems. Donbasu.

Putin also said Russia did not intend to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

WITHOUT COMMENT: 46 bodies have been removed from the mass grave in Buč, and they are being identified

Video: Reuters

Russia militarily invaded neighboring Ukraine on February 24 with the proclaimed goal of “demilitarizing and denazifying” the country.

However, Moscow is failing to carry out its original plan to occupy Kyiv in a flash and install a puppet government there.

An offensive on Donbas is expected

Russian troops have withdrawn from the capital and are moving to the east and south of Ukraine. A fierce offensive on Donbas is expected.

According to Putin, Russia was forced to protect the Russians in the Donbas, who were to be exposed to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years, although the Kremlin did not provide a single piece of evidence other than pointing to a law enforcing Ukrainian at the expense of Russian.

Ukraine counted 1,200 civilians killed by Russian troops in the Kiev region

Video: Reuters

Moscow’s probable plans are indicated in a comment recently published by the state agency RIA Novosti entitled “What Russia should do with Ukraine”, which openly states that Ukraine must not exist and that its population must be collectively punished for deviating from Russia.

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