On July 30 and 31 in Riga, in the cultural space “Hanzas perons” and “Vasaras perona” terrace, a new city festival “without distance” will take place – “Var! Be! ”, The organizers informed. More than 20 musicians’ associations will take part in the festival.

The main guest artists of the festival are the British dark cabaret cult group “The Tiger Lillies”, the Estonian indirock group “Ewert and The Two Dragons” and the German minimalist pianist Niklas Paschburg. Several Latvian artists will also take part – the carnival group “Carnival Youth”, the jazz band “Very Cool People”, the hip-hop artist Ozolu and the electronic music artist Sign Libra and others.

One of its organizers talks about the festival “Kultūras rondo” Guntis Ērglis-Lācis.

“Maybe!” There will be a total of three scenes. Well-known artists will play on the “Summer Platform” stage, but the “Hanseatic Platform” indoor stage will be dedicated to a more intimate and experimental musical atmosphere, as well as DJ sets, which will last until three at night.

Entrance on both days from 16.00. Only those who have received a Covid-19 certificate will be able to attend the festival.