A child fished Thursday in the canal in Anderlecht dies

The boy had been saved from drowning by the Brussels fire brigade on Thursday afternoon in the canal in Anderlecht. He eventually passed away.

UA boy of around ten, who had been saved from drowning by the Brussels firefighters on Thursday afternoon in the canal in Anderlecht, died, police in the Brussels-Midi zone said on Friday, confirming information of the VRT.

The Brussels firefighters were called around 4 p.m. Thursday for a child who had fallen into the water, near the dike of the canal in Anderlecht.

Three firefighters among the first to arrive on the scene immediately jumped into the water to begin the search. Then, diving firefighters had begun the search more in depth before locating the child and bringing him back to the bank. The latter was then taken care of by an SMUR team, which began to resuscitate the victim.

The child was later evacuated to hospital in critical condition, but died Friday morning.

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