a cheaper watch that impresses with its options

Apple Watch SE in practice. There is no magic here, but there are a lot of extras I wanted, although not all of them work

In opting for the Apple Watch, there were several features that made this choice obvious. The most important of them were contactless payments – for years I have been paying no differently than Apple Pay, and since I can do it with my watch, it’s even better. And for several days: I actually do. Apple Pay on the watch is a bull’s eye for me. Another element that I really appreciate is the control of the multimedia played on the smartphone from the level of the watch – it is much easier to click to pause or change the music / podcast on the wrist than to pull out the phone. And I must admit that the option of controlling Home Kit accessories from the wrist is extremely convenient – especially in the evening, when the phone is on a desktop induction charger and I don’t have an iPad at hand.

These three elements were very “yes” to the choice of Apple Watch and I must admit that in practice they worked perfectly. The case of unlocking the computer with the watch is a bit worse when I approach it. For several days, while trying to run it, this message greeted me:

I asked about it on Twitter yesterday – I got some advice. So far, I’ve tested a few of them, none has worked – the one with data cleansing in Keychain Access (which turned out to be a recipe for many). Well, I will definitely try to figure it out, but this is another brick to the topic “it just doesn’t work”.

Apple Watch SE – closing circles is a lot of fun

Health functions in Apple Watch do not interest me completely, but those that allow me to be “fit” – by all means. The local options of training tracking, synchronization with the Health application and ease of use are worth their weight in gold for me – and I do not exclude that I am not demanding, but I really enjoy working with them. Closing the circles motivates and gives a lot of fun – especially since friends also play it, we keep track of our progress and play some kind of gamification. Yes, I know that it was also on the previous watch – but since Fitbits are not currently very popular on the Vistula River, I only had one friend there. Here the fun is much happier. It’s nice that the watch has a GPS module that allows you to track our workouts more precisely, and a huge plus for the fall detection option and the ability to send a notification to your loved ones to notify them about it.

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