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A change for 5 and 10 euro banknotes

The European Central Bank has announced a new development for the 5 and 10 euro notes.

These will be the first to circulate with the signature of the President of the ECB, Christine Lagarde. They will be in circulation from next week.

Euro banknotes must bear the signature of the President of the European Central Bank in office at the time of printing. This signature therefore varies over time, including within a given series. Tickets bearing the signatures of former presidents are therefore always legal tender.

Since their creation, these notes have successively displayed the signatures of the first three presidents of the European Central Bank. The first impressions showed the signature of Willem “Wim” Duisenberg, the first president of the ECB, then it was replaced by that of his successor Jean-Claude Trichet. These appeared in November 2003 and were printed until March 2012. On November 1, 2011, Mario Draghi became the third President of the ECB, and banknotes bearing his signature appeared in circulation in March 2012.

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