A Challenge Between Egyptian Belly Dancers: Sarokh vs. Sama Al Massri

You are now following the news, not Fifi. An Egyptian belly dancer, in transparent format, does not miss an Egyptian peasant woman, Sarokh, who challenges the most famous dancer in Egypt with a strong dance compass.. Watch now with the details

Riyad – Ahmed Salah – the interaction of the artist’s audience Sama Al Massrion a video clip of her celebrating Eid Al-Adha through her official account on the “Instagram” photo and video site.

Sama shared a video clip of her playing with a group of Eid al-Adha sheep.

She commented, “Oh, oh…running is half of the stumbling block….a video of Bossi and my lamb for the sheep. Salvation was posted on my YouTube channel, and the link is here in the bio and in the Asturi…the bosom, the bosus.”
One of the followers commented, saying: “Every year, and you are good, O moon, Happy Eid to you.” Another commented, saying: “By God, you are like the moon, and your blood is light.. Every year, and you are good, O star.”

It is noteworthy that the artist, Sama Al-Masry, traveled to the Netherlands and then to Barcelona, ​​​​and documented her European journey with a number of videos, and visited the stadium of the international team “Barcelona”.

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