A ceiling collapsed on four persons in a doctor’s place of work

Aspect of the ceiling fell on four people and miraculously no a single was seriously injured. This is happening in the polyclinic attached to the Botevgrad healthcare facility, Nova Television set noted.

The accident happened yesterday about midday in the cardiology office environment. Within have been a physician, a Down syndrome individual, and two of the patient’s companions. According to a single of them, there was a loud rumble, then within seconds hundreds of pieces of plaster of several sizes fell on their heads.

The most critically injured lady was admitted to the clinic and her ailment is stable for now.

They ended up huge items. All my fingers ended up blue yesterday. I partly handed out just at that moment. The medical doctor stood up, looked startled, observed that there was nothing at all improper with him. I tried using not to get up for the reason that I had a terrible headache. I was hit from at the rear of, “Cvetelina Kirilova claimed.

Hunting at the photos taken a several seconds just after aspect of the ceiling collapsed, Cvetelina realized that luck was basically on her facet.

“I am incredibly happy to be alive. I am living my next life,” suggests Cvetelina.

The doctor – Dr. Ivancho Ivanov, also in the workplace at the time, confirms that it was a genuine miracle that no a single was very seriously wounded.

“There had been pretty huge and weighty items that, if they landed right on a person’s head, could have caused significant injuries,” defined Dr. Ivanov.

The hospital, the place the polyclinic is also situated, is undergoing major repairs with large devices. Cvetelina suggests that the potent vibrations from the design function might have prompted the accident.

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The municipality denied a doable relationship with the medical center renovation, but confirmed that the polyclinic by itself had not been renovated considering that the 1960s. The medical practitioners ran their individual procedures.

“So far we in the Municipality have not been given any sign that anything has been compromised in this individual business, but in truth these days we found out that very last 12 months there was a flood there upstairs, and maybe regrettably what transpired. it was a consequence of that flood. At the second, no such signal has been gained by the tenants, if not we would have taken timely actions, “stated Boris Borisov, deputy mayor of Botevgrad.

The debris clearing has began today and a suspended ceiling will be set up tomorrow. Immediately after getting discharged, the wounded individual is adamant that she will seek out her rights in court.

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