Health A case of indigenous dengue fever confirmed in the...

A case of indigenous dengue fever confirmed in the Hérault


One person contracted the dengue virus in Hérault in mid July. This is a person who resided at that time in a house at a place called Reals in the town of Cessenon sur Orb. His state of health does not cause concern.

This is an indigenous case, this person was infected on the spot by a bite of a tiger mosquito, it is he who transmits the virus. There is no human-to-human contamination.

The regional agency carried out investigations in the neighborhood and has since identified the imported case causing the contamination (returning from a trip to a risk zone).

“All we needed was this!” Marie Pierre Pons, mayor of Cessenon sur Orb

The mayor of Cessenon sur Orb admits to being concerned when she received the call from the ARS “with covid 19, it just adds to the anxiety we all have at the moment. ”

Dengue is a generally mild illness whose symptoms, similar to those of the flu (high fever, joint pain, severe headaches), can be temporarily disabling. More annoying these symptoms are also those of Covid 19.

A local epidemiological survey will be carried out in the coming days with the neighborhood in order to identify possible other sick people. Doctors and pharmacists in the sector were made aware of the identification of sick people and to report them to the ARS.


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