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all around the worldCarMakerOrstartupIs a “flying car” that is being researched and developed by2020sIt is said that it can be put into practical use.

It will take some time before the “flying car” is put into practical use, but the “floating car” has already appeared. Strictly speaking, it’s a “car that looks like it’s floating.”

https://www.reddit.with/r/mildlyintisyouof /comments / kjqp87 / i_genuinely_thought_my_car_was_hovering_over_the/

Here is the “car that looks like it’s floating”. I’m just parked, but doesn’t it look like it’s floating because of the shadows?

Many from the people who saw this photocommentHas been sent.

・『Cyberpunk 2077』Bug
・ What’s going on?
・ I don’t need a road anymore
・ How thisParking LotAre you out of?
・ Lighting and shadows are exquisite
・ Incomprehensible
·I do not know the meaning
・『Cyberpunk 2077I thought the bug was fixed
・ The two shadows are united, which may make them seem to float.
cyber-Events in space
・『Cyberpunk 2077』One of the common bugs
・ The best optical illusion image I have ever seen
・ Floating … right !?
・ IruJohn
・ JustCospaIs badSUVPhoto of
・『Cyberpunk 2077“ofscreenshotI thought

※image:ReddiQuoted from t

https://www.reddit.with/r/mildlyintisyouof /comments / kjqp87 / i_genuinely_thought_my_car_was_hovering_over_the/

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A car that seems to float even though it is just parked “The best optical illusion image I have ever seen” “It’s a bug in” Cyberpunk 2077 “”

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