A car runs over several protesters on the streets of New York | Videos

Despite the rain, hundreds of people came out last night to the well-known intersection of Times Square, in New York, to protest against police violence in the United States, after the case of the death in March of African American Daniel Prude at the hands of the police. While a group of people from the movement Black Lives Matter They stopped the traffic of cars with their bicycles, a black sedan of the Ford brand accelerated sharply, running over several people who could not avoid the impact. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. The New York Police Department has had to clarify on its social networks that it is not a police car, and that they are trying to find the driver of the vehicle.

The purpose of the demonstration was to express rejection of the police violence that killed Daniel Prude in March. 41-year-old African-American and mentally challenged, he walked naked into the streets of Rochester, New York, screaming that he had coronavirus; so his brother, aware of his illness, was forced to call the police when he could not manage the situation. But Prude was handcuffed, immobilized and crushed against the asphalt by police officers for two interminable minutes during which, according to the autopsy, he suffocated, which he could not survive after spending seven days connected to life support equipment. at the hospital. The police officers involved in this act were suspended from their positions.

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