A campaign is launched in New York to honor the historical memory of women in Women’s Month | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

we continue with edicón wingsdigital new york, uswe connect with adriana whotells us about this month of Marchcelebrating the month of women,welcome Adriana.hello carol, it’s a pleasurebe in your program, theoffice that provides thecity ​​listed all theworld, is launching this monthMarch a campaign tohonor the historical memory ofthe women and in what way do theyit’s honoring the memoryhistorical women to theNew York City?imitating the community in atypical campaign so thatlet’s have to stop for amoment and you look aroundthe neighborhoods and honors in thecity ​​is greater with respect tobusinesses that have been created,founded or managed bywomen, then, withinthis campaign we have identifiedapproximately 40 businessesamong which obviously theHispanic female segment orfor a pretty placeimportant, the invitation isso that our LatinosNew Yorkers go out and associatethese businesses that are and havebeen created, founded ormanagement two by ourHispanic women in the cityfrom New York.of course, you have to supportand how people canknow the businesses to support,and a list a web page?of course, we have alist on our website.we are talking for examplesof noelia santos as the womanwhich is indicated in the bronx andwho has created a library thatit’s called lib bar, peopleyou can go have a glass ofcame and read a good book inSpanish or English.we talk about maía ron thatIt also has a library thatIt’s called 1000 books, those of thecake time to the little onesbusinesses have been turned around,maía has had the cunning toApril and attend through awindow, they can do it tothrough the window or by the,this way we support thesmall business and in this waypeople are learning orreading some of the goodliterature, watch out for booksThey are in Spanish.we talk for example about maíacan, another Hispanic woman,

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