A campaign by the Board will try to encourage the fourth dose among those over 60 years of age

The Ministry of Health will launch a “more active” campaign to try to raise awareness among people over 60 years of age and those with immunosuppression-type diseases that are vaccinated with the fourth dose against covid as it has been shown that the vaccine, and more with the vines that move, “saves lives”.

The announcement was made recently by the Minister of Health, Alejandro Vázquez, who recalled that the vaccination rate among the elderly in the Community is almost ten points above the average for Spain. The health officer of Castilla y León stressed that the administration of the fourth dose for those under 60 years of age is “recommended” but it is not a “necessity” as is the case with those over that age, for whom it is a “strong recommendation”. ».

“Until a few weeks ago, vaccines were not available for those under 60 years of age, but now they are administered to whoever wants it,” the counselor himself recently summarized, before this campaign that will seek to encourage administration, especially with the decrease of fear of contagion, in which all the experts agree.

Thus, the professor of Immunology at the University of Valladolid, Alfredo Corell, sets his sights on the administrations, which he accuses of having a “very clear relaxation in the vaccination message”: “People see themselves with more immunity and no longer He has that fear that there was in 2020 ».

In this sense, the general director of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, Sonia Tamames, recognized this situation: “It is true that the perception of risk among the population has decreased, because we do not have an ongoing wave of covid as in other times , and that means that people do not consider it urgent to get a booster dose.

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“The acceptance of the first complete schedule and the first booster dose were very high, but they are produced with two characteristics that are not present now,” says Sonia Tamames, who recalls that at that time the vaccination campaign “was directed at the entire the population, because then the variants were very aggressive for healthy and young people, and we were in a situation in which we had successive epidemic waves.

China. Corell, for his part, lowers the social alarm generated after China has opened the doors after two years of ‘covid zero’ policy. “We shouldn’t worry. In fact, we are more worrying for them than they are for us, because we can bring them many variants that they have not yet experienced, “says Corell, who recalls that” they do not have the natural or vaccine immunity that we have in Europe. “Their vaccine has been shown to be not as effective as ours and they do not have very high vaccination coverage either, because they did not carry out large campaigns,” explains the professor and well-known scientist. However, he does emphasize the need to reinforce the sequencing protocols for positive cases that may arrive from the eastern country.

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