A Camp Nou filled with fans was swept by The Kings League on Spotify

Last Sunday the golden brooch was put on the Kings League. This competition devised by the ex-Barça player Gerard Piqué It was a safe bet from the beginning: football, streamers, free and constant changes. Nothing could go wrong, and time has proved him right. The Spotify Camp It was not the setting that hosted the Final Four of the competition, which was attended by the trunks (Perxita), Annihilators (JuanGuarnizo), Saiyans (TheGrefg) y The neighborhood (Adri Contreras), who ended up being crowned champion of the first ‘split’ of the Kings League.

Perhaps some of the great favorites were missing in the Final Four. Neither Ultimate Móstoles (DJMaRiio), nor Porcinos (Ibai Llanos) nor Kunisports (Kun Agüero) were there, but that did not turn back a dedicated audience. 92,522 throats shouted the goalsthey sang the songs and vibrated with the show.

The Kings League final exuded union with the Barça everywhere. For its creator, Gerard Piqué, one of the most Catalan footballers who has probably ever worn the Barça shirt, for the stage, the Spotify Camp Nou, and for the thousands of Barça shirts that were seen in the vicinity of the stadium.

The show started after four in the afternoon, with a Cristinini who acted as master of ceremonies with all the presidents who were present, with the exception of Iker Casillas (1K) and Rivers (PIO). However, the managers of the four teams that would compete for the trophy were yet to arrive, and there was no more spectacular way to arrive than to do so in helicopter.

As much as they had already warned, people did not stop hallucinating when the helicopter repeatedly flew over the stadium. More than one of them let out a “puto Piqué” with the smile of someone who is no longer surprised by their crazy and ostentatious ideas, but absolutely masterful.

One of the successes of this project has been its proximity to the public. From the first moment, Gerard Piqué wanted the fans to have a voice and a vote in this league, since satisfying them was essential for it to be successful. This point was not lost in the Barça temple, and the presidents did not hesitate to throw balls and shirts at the public, who cheered every time they got close to them.

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In fact, he did not stop shouting at several key moments of the day, such as when he chanted the name “Messi, Messi”, advocating the long-awaited return of the Argentine star, or some chants more typical of Barça matches. Another sample of the union between the two entities.

Annihilators vs. Trunks FC

The first semifinal was carried out by the team of JuanGuarnizo y Perxita. The nerves were noticed in the first minutes of the game. Many of the players have never seen one like this in their lives, as most of them play for regional teams. From that to moving to a Campo Nou with more than 92,000 people, there is a good chunk. However, as the game progressed, the nerves dissipated and the essence of the Kings League settled on the pitch.

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The League card, which decides how many players are left playing in the last two minutes of the first half, has been replaced with a giant dice. On this occasion, a 6 came up, which indicated that, instead of having 7 players per team, one player would have to retire from each team, something that people booed because they wanted to see more entertainment and goals. At the end of the first half, the Annihilators scored two goals.

However, the second half was green, as the Trunks managed to tie the game. The shouts from the public in favor of Perxitaa’s team revealed who was the favorite in the semifinal, but the match reached the final penalties, and that’s when JuanGuarnizo’s men hit the table and managed to qualify 3-2.

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It was time to wait for the next game, and that was the stellar moment for Gerard Romero, president of Jijantes. The journalist performed his most characteristic dance, the so, along with the entire stadium. In fact, the intention was for everyone to put on a Kings League mask while imitating the steps of the Catalan journalist, thus establishing a Guinness Record. If before the mark was established at 30,000 masks in an event held in 2015 in the Philippines, since this Sunday the record has been tripled.

In addition, they took the opportunity to sing the team’s anthem, created by Mark Eme and which no one hesitated to sing at the top of their lungs.

The Neighborhood vs. Saiyans FC

It was time for the second semifinal of the afternoon, which pitted the teams from Adrian Contreras y TheGrefg, one of the great favorites of the tournament. In the same way that happened in the first clash, the goals did not arrive until the dice marked that it was time to play a 2 vs. 2. This time, the people enjoyed themselves like absolute damned, where 4 goals were scored in just two minutes.

In the second half, El Barrio managed to win 4-3 after scoring the final goal in the last minute of the game. Therefore, Adri Contreras’s team got the second ticket to the grand final.

To liven up the wait, he played the musical moment of the night. Lali Espositothe Argentine singer and actress, sang some of her biggest hits, including discipline, N5 y Motiveishon.

also acted Tiago PZKthe Argentine artist who interpreted The Translator, Between Us, Besides Me and his session #48 with Bizarrap.

And before the grand final, the firecrackers lit up the sky of Barcelona, ​​for the enjoyment of all those present.

The Neighborhood vs. Annihilators

The moment finally arrived, the great final of the Kings League. Adrian Contreras he was much superior in most of the game, despite having only had an hour of rest between the semis and the final. In just three minutes they had already scored two goals, an income that they maintained even during the 3 vs. 3 that came out on the League dice.

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In the second part, those of JuanGuarnizo they could not do more than resist the superiority of El Barrio, who ended up taking the final by a clear 3-0.

Therefore, Gerard Piqué knew how to transfer an already attractive format to a gigantic stadium without losing an iota of emotion. The only “but” that could be crossed out was the sound, since the ceremony was not heard correctly in the upper stands.

The ‘bombshell’ Neymar

The day went a long way, also to drop real bombshells. In an ad, it was seen how Spursito and Gerard Romero ‘kidnapped’ Piqué by order of Neymar.

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The Brazilian PSG player appeared under a Kings League camera and proposed a deal: “Give me a team for the Kings League and I’ll set you free.”

Therefore, the second president of the future is confirmed Brazilian Kings Leaguewhere it will also be Ronaldinho.

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