A Cabildo deputy said she had “natural immunity because of her faith”; Salinas disapproved and she clarified her sayings

“By my Christian faith I am of natural immunity. Other than the tetanus shot, I have no other shots. I also don’t take any medication. I have a personal health care ”, declared to the newspaper El País the deputy for the Open Council and current vice president of the House of Representatives Elsa Capillera.

These sayings earned him a wave of criticism on social networks. Too the Minister of Health, Daniel Salinas, a fellow member of Capillera, disapproved of his explanation. Asked at a press conference at Expo Prado, the minister said: “What do you want me to say? She is a national representative, she has the right to express herself, both as a representative and as a citizen, but that opinion does not represent me ”.

“Of course, because you are a Christian you don’t become immune, that would be nonsense. I was referring to the fact that as a Christian, I believe in science and science shows us that the healing and protection of our body comes from our natural immunity. ‘I was trying to say that I am from the (team that understands) natural immunity,’ ”the deputy later clarified in

“> your Facebook profile.

Vaccines work like this, teaching the immune system to defend itself against a specific pathogen. Unfortunately, when I wanted to put it in a nutshell, I did not use the correct words, ”Capillera wrote, adding that he did not do so to protect himself at the political level, but so that his words were not misinterpreted and to prevent people from making bad decisions.

“It is important that we are all responsible in the signals we give and since I was not careful I want to correct the words I used to express myself,” he said.

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On Twitter he also expressed his decision not to be vaccinated, claiming that there is not enough information to know if the risks that the vaccine entails are lower or greater than not being vaccinated.

“In my case, due to my age, health status and the fact that I am not at risk population, I prefer to wait to make this decision. It is not a yes or a no, it is a ‘I want to know more’ ”, he declared.

In his tweet, he also recognized and congratulated the government and the ministry for the vaccination campaign they are carrying out.



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