A ‘business’ equality plan for the San Fernando City Council

Two lines works the Department of Women to advance its bet for equality in San Fernando: on the one hand it will have a balance of the I Equality Plan of the city and on the other it provides for the drafting of an equality plan of the City Council, like the one implanted by the Business.

A few days ago the government presented the inclusive language manual for the administration that has been prepared with the advice of the General Linguistics Professor of the University of Cádiz and an expert in the non-sexist use of the language, María Tadea Díaz Hormigo. Is about a guide to adapt official documents for citizens, but also for internal and external communication, which includes recommendations for the use of audiovisual resources as well.

This manual is included in the actions included in the Equality Plan that the Island City Council presented in 2018, from which different activities and initiatives have been developed in these years. Several strategic lines ordered the activities and programs: the commitment to employment and female entrepreneurship, promoting the participation and leadership of women in societies, education in equality, policies against gender violence and what was called time management that referred to the need for joint responsibility of men and women; in addition to internal proposals.

In this time, among other issues, tax incentives have been approved for women’s companies, it has opted for the training for employability, the table against gender violence has been created, the men’s school has been launched and the actions in schools have continued, from workshops on equality adapted to the different educational stages to events on the occasion of significant dates such as 8-M, International Women’s Day; or 25-N, International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women.

The government team considers that the time has come to carry out a balance of this I San Fernando Equality Plan. A contract has been tendered for this for an external company to perform the audit. The objective is to define the degree of compliance so that once the conclusions are known, including the covered and uncovered actions, implement a second equality plan.

While the administrative process to have this audit is already underway, the intention of hiring a company to make an internal equality plan for the City Council is still in the preparation phase. Specifically, work is being done on the preparation of the specifications for this tender, and for example the market and specialized companies are surveyed so that the documents collect the details necessary for this plan to meet all the requirements. The mayor, Patricia Cavada, defined it a few days ago as an internal equality plan to deal with the local Administration as a company. This initiative corresponds to line 5 of the Equality Plan. Its application would affect all municipal areas, including issues such as the salary rights of public employees of the Consistory.



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