A brutal young man kills two persecuted women revealed insomnia Smell the scent of the dead all night

At 12:30 on November 25th, Lt. Col. Natthaphon Udonnoi, Deputy Inspector of Khlong Luang Police Station, took Mr. Yutthaphon Piyawittayakan or Art, 36, a young horseman and the defendant killed Mr. Piyada Sorakul or Kor Ya, 29, a ladyboy, hit his head with a hammer. Using a dumbbell and chain to wrap around his neck and leave his body in a water channel, Moo 1, Klong Song Subdistrict, Klong Luang District, Pathum Thani Province, came for further questioning before taking him to court.

While taking him by car, Mr. Yuthapol Piyawittayakan or Art, 36, the defendant apologized to the deceased and the parents of the deceased and said he could not sleep. to smell the scent of the dead Since he fled to Chonburi province It was as if the deceased followed him all the time.

In this regard, investigators from the Khlong Luang Police Station took the defendant to the Thanyaburi Provincial Court. carry out the trial The latter was able to be arrested during the night. and the defendant confessed

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