A Brief History of the British Empire and the First List of Queens to the Present


United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, which means the king or ruler shares power with a constitutionally organized government. The ruling king or queen is the head of state.

However, political power lies in the prime minister as head of government, as well as the cabinet. In addition, the monarchy must act according to their suggestions.

British rule can be traced back to the Saxon Dynasty, where it is said in Encyclopedia Britannica, its first ruler was Egbert. He ruled from 802-839 AD.

The history of British leadership by the Saxon Dynasty then continued until several government figures, then stopped at Edward the Elder who ruled from 899-924 AD. British rule then continued with British rule.

A Brief History of the British Empire

Furthermore, it says in the page History, the first King of England was Athelstan who reigned from 925 to 939 AD. Then, since the regime of William the Conqueror, the transfer of leadership was decreed from the king to the first son.

However, this was changed in 1702 AD when the English Parliament passed the Act of Settlement, which stated that due to the death of King William III, the title of ruler would pass to Anne and her descendants. This means women can also inherit the throne, as long as no male can occupy the position.

At that time, common law in England stated that male heirs were heirs before their sisters. With the agreement of the powers of the Church of England, the Act of Settlement also states that any heir who marries a Roman Catholic, will be removed from the line of succession.

Rules as to who is the heir to the throne United Kingdom not renewed until 2013, when Parliament approved the Succession to the Crown Act. This regulation then shifted the line of succession to an absolute primogeniture system. That is, the kingdom will be passed on to the eldest heir, regardless of their gender.

List of Kings and Queens of England from the First to the Present

Back to quote from Britannicahere is a list of monarchs from the era of Britain (Kings of Wessex), England, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom along with their dynastic origins and when they ruled:

A. Kings of Wessex

  • Egbert: Dinasti Saxon (802-839 M)
  • Aethelwulf: Saxon (839-856/858 M)
  • Aethelbald: Saxon (855/856-860 M)
  • Aethelberht: Saxon (860-856/866 M)
  • Aethelred I: Saxon (865/866-871 M)
  • Alfred the Great: Saxon (871-899 M)
  • Edward the Elder: Saxon (899-924 M)

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