A boy from Arizona, closer to playing in the Chilean national team

A promise of Argentine soccer is about to nationalize Chilean to be able to be summoned by the “Roja”, the trans-Andean team. This is the kid Pablo “El ear” Solari, 21 years old. The striker was born in Arizona and has been playing in Colo Colo for two years, where he scored important goals for the club.

The boy made inferiors in Talleres de Córdoba and even tried himself in River, but he debuted in First in soccer on the other side of the Cordillera.

He played the L’Alcudia tournament, where everyone under 18 plays. He did it on behalf of Argentina. And he was not summoned again, nor was he called by the Major.

On November 20 he will be two years in the country and he will be able to speed up the process to become a Chilean citizen, after the changes made in Chile.

In February he expressed himself about wearing the shirt of the other country: “Yes, I would think about it, I would talk about it with my family and a decision would be made. I would not rule it out, I would evaluate it. It would be nice to play with Alexis Sánchez and Ben Brereton. Alexis is extraordinary, He is the best. I saw him when I was little, I always followed him. When he was in River one feels like Alexis Sánchez”.

What’s going on

Chilean deputies presented a project in 2018 that seeks to reduce the period of residence to be able to naturalize from five to two years.

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Although it was not going to contemplate athletes, the Sports Commission dismissed this and opened the doors so that athletes, and soccer players in particular, can also benefit from this new regulation that makes the requirements to become a Chilean citizen more lax. .

A door opens for “The Ear”. Will he face Messi?


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