A bowl of snail noodles’ path to counterattack with tens of billions

Original title: A bowl of snail powder’s tens of billions counterattack road

“Eating snail noodles only 0 times and countless times.”

From local delicacies in a corner of Pianan to the top e-commerce outlets that are popular across the country, snail noodlesborrowIts unique “stinky” smell is really hot.

In the e-commerce battlefield, snail noodles have grabbed the stomachs of many people with their own efforts: Douyin’s 2020 data report shows that Liuzhou snail noodles are users’ favorite snacks to buy online; Tmall data shows that snail noodles It is the fastest-growing new year’s goods on Tmall, Taobao, and Tmall supermarkets on the first day of 2021 New Year’s Day.

“Eating snail noodles only 0 times and countless times!” Huang Ying (pseudonym), a heavy snail noodles enthusiast, said directly. She told EqualOcean that she stayed at the work place to celebrate the New Year, and the first New Year product she stocked was snail noodles. “You have to stock up in advance to worry about being robbed. I caught up with the epidemic at this time last year, and the snail noodles purchased online waited for a long time to be shipped.”

Under the carnival of “fans”, the hot snail fans attracted many cross-border players.

On January 17, Sinopec announced its entry into snail powder, and officially launched “Sister Yi snail powder.”Previously, not onlyHaidilao, KFC and other catering giants have entered the snail noodles, Wuling, Lujian, Yuanqi Forest, Naixue’s tea, etc.BrandThey have also launched their own online celebrity single-product snail noodles, and even the instant noodle giant Uni-President has quietly launched the “Liuzhou style dried snail noodles in the streets and alleys”.product

Liuzhou, the hometown of snail noodles, is also snail noodlesindustryThe stage goal of “double tens of billions” is set, that is, the output value of bagged snail powder exceeds 10 billion yuan.Raw materialsThe output value of other subsidiary industries exceeds 10 billion yuan.

How influential is a bowl of “stinky” powder?

  The power of a bowl of powder

haveindustryLiuzhou, an urban property, is now closely tied to a bowl of snail noodles.

For a long time in the past, snail noodles only belonged to the era of street shops. Until the first season of “China on the Bite of the Tongue” was launched in 2012, the mystery of this bowl of “stinky” powder was unveiled for the world.

In order to allow more outsiders to taste the unique flavor of this bowl of noodles, bagged snail noodles, which break the restrictions of space and region, came into being. On October 28, 2014, the first pre-packaged snail powder production in LiuzhouenterpriseObtained food production license and started to produce bagged snail powder, which also became Liuzhou snail powderIndustrializationThe beginning of the road.

“The emergence of bagged snail noodles has become a stepping stone for it to enter the e-commerce field.” A catering industry insider said, “After this, the output value of Liuzhou’s snail noodles has also begun to increase significantly.”

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According to data from the Liuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in 2015, the sales revenue of bagged snail powder in Liuzhou was only 500 million yuan; in 2020, this figure soared to 10.5 billion yuan.

along withthe InternetWith the rapid development of e-commerce, snail noodles have sprung up, and brands such as Luo Bawang, Haohuanluo, and Liuzhiwei have quickly become popular. The rise of short videos and live broadcasts has allowed snail fans to catch up with the traffic express. With the help of the “net celebrity economy” enthusiasm, the Li Ziqi brand snail fans began to “surpass”.

In today’s battlefield of snail fans, Hao Huanluo and other Liuzhou veteran snail fans are playing with Li Ziqi.Game. Public data shows that in the sales list of “Double 11” snail noodles in 2020, Li Ziqi brand snail noodles ranked first with 34.344 million yuan in sales, which is about 3.3 million yuan higher than the second place, Haohuan snails.

How hot is snail noodles?”Chinese CateringBig Data2020″ disclosed, the whole network in 2020ShareThe 12,000 snail noodle shops sold a total of 780 million packs throughout the year, of which Tmall alone sold 138 million packs.

The skyrocketing sales on e-commerce platforms has also promoted the development of Liuzhou snail noodle industry. In an interview with the media in May last year, Ni Xiaoyang, president of the Liuzhou Snail Noodles Association, revealed that the output of Liuzhou Snail Noodles has increased from 1.5 million packs/day in 2019 to 2.5 million packs/day, but still can’t keep up with market demand.

Meng Qipeng, deputy mayor of Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government, revealed at a press conference recently that the instantaneous production of Liuzhou snail flour peaked at 3.25 million bags per day in 2020, and the products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions overseas. As of December 17, 2020, the production and sales of bagged Liuzhou snail flour exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 10.56 billion yuan, an increase of 68.80% over the previous year. The project of “Bagged Liuzhou snail flour sales revenue of 10 billion yuan” was completed two years ahead of schedule.

  Why is it “snail noodles”

What makes many people puzzled is why a bowl of “stinky” powder can be so hot?

  First of all, the “smelly” smell of snail noodles is a boon to many young people with heavy tastes, which also brings certain “social attributes” to them.

The most controversial “smelly” smell of snail noodles comes from the sour bamboo shoots made from secret recipes passed down from generation to generation and then fermented. In fact, the amino acids in fermented food can make the food more delicious and unstoppable. The “2019 Taobao Food Big Data Report” shows that not only snail noodles, but also stinky tofu, stinky sour bamboo shoots, stinky mandarin fish, and other foods that are famous for their smell, are on the rise.

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“The first time I tried snail noodles, I was curious to see it frequently appearing in hot searches.” Huang Ying said, “This taste is very special. I have a lot of friends around to try it, and their feedback is also good. “In her opinion, the friendship between “foodies” has become deeper because of the snail powder.

  Secondly, the popularity of snail noodles made good use of new channels to open up sales, and even gave birth to many cross-border joint marketing examples.

From “showing his face” in documentaries and traditional variety shows at the very beginning, to now catching the “express” of short videos and live broadcasts, snail fans have taken advantage of the latest contemporary communication channels. On February 10 last year, Li Jiaqi sold 26,000 boxes of snail noodles within 3 hours of broadcasting; on May 17 last year, during the snack festival on May 17 last year, 100,000 copies of snail noodles were sold out within one minute.

The cross-border joint name has made the snail fans more popular.Previously, Haohuanluo and Yuanqi Forest cross-border launched the summer limited gift box “Huanluo Yuanqi Bomb”, satisfying consumers’ curious and playful hearts; Naixue’s tea launched the “bowl of snail powder” soft European bag, which was quickly posted onWeiboHot search list; KFC’s fast-cooked pre-packaged food series product “KAIFENGCAI” also launched snail noodles…Frequent cross-border co-branding constantly refreshed the presence of snail noodles among young people.

  The “home economy” that has risen in the epidemic has also caused an explosion in sales of instant food such as snail noodles, instant noodles, and self-heating small hot pots.

“Last year the’home economy’ rose, driven by Internet celebrities, variety shows and social media platforms,Internet ageThe traffic dividend of the company formed a ripple effect and contributed to the tens of billions of sales of snail noodles. “An industry expert said.

  Finally, the popularity of snail noodles cannot be separated from the important promoter of Liuzhou City Government.

The Liuzhou Municipal Government not only organizes snail noodles food festivals, selection contests and other activities to increase the influence of snail noodles, but also issued a number of encouragement and support policies to promote snail noodles in an all-round wayIndustrial upgradingDevelop and “escort” it.

In 2015, the Liuzhou Municipal Government applied for snail powderGeographical indicationProtection; In 2016, Liuzhou City built a snail noodle industrial park in Yufeng District, covering an area of ​​800 acres. In addition, the Liuzhou Municipal Government has also established the Snail Powder Protection Association. After unifying the snail powder formula, it vigorously encourages the development of local factories to increase the production capacity of snail powder.

This shows that the popularity of snail noodles is not groundless. However, will snail noodles keep going?

  Questioned market size

A major controversy in the market regarding snail noodles is the size of the market. Some people regard the snail noodle market as a blue ocean of capital that has not yet been developed; some people think that the snail noodle market is only a product of the “net celebrity economy”, which has certain particularity and short-term nature.

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In fact, snail powder has beenIndustrial capitalAttention, not onlyHaidilaoThree squirrelsLiangpin shopOther brands have increased the category of snail noodles, and leading investment institutions have begun to look for potential companies among them.

Now, as more and more players enter the game, the smoke on the battlefield of snail fans has become more intense.

Under the increasingly fierce channel competition, the brand of snail noodlesprofitIs being further compressed, the entire industry seems to be gradually showingpriceThe development trend of war. Take the new entrant Sinopec’s “Sister Yi snail noodles” as an example. Its boiled type is priced at 9 yuan/pack, while the hot-selling snail noodles in the industry generally cost 10-15 yuan/pack.

“The production threshold of snail noodles is not high. There is no shortage of good products in this market, but good brand players. Players want to break the simplePrice warThe only way to make the brand better is the vicious circle. “The above-mentioned industry experts believe that as the public’s familiarity and acceptance of this category of snail noodles gradually increase, different demands will be raised and the product category will be further subdivided.

Undoubtedly, snail noodles is a business with low production threshold, low cost and substantial profit.

“Product research and development, quality control management, expanding consumption scenarios, and improving the service system are indispensable and must be done well.” In the expert’s view, late players are not completely out of opportunities. “First, we need to differentiate the entire market by scene differentiation, price differentiation, and demand differentiation, and then combine our own advantages and disadvantages to choose the right track, while avoiding the competition from the players at the beginning, so as to establish our own moat.”


With the continuous growth of the housing economy and the enhancement of consumption power in the Z era, the future market of snail noodles is worth looking forward to.

In the “2020 China FMCG Early Investment Opportunity Report”, Tsingshan Capital puts convenience fast food as a key category, and its market size is expected to reach 250 billion yuan.

More snail powder manufacturers are emerging, even going overseas.According to Liuzhou Customs statistics, from January to June 2020, after customs inspectionExit28 batches of Liuzhou snail noodles, about the sameRMB7.5 million yuan, which is 8 times the total export value of snail powder in 2019.

As the charm of snail noodles has gradually become known to more people, this top-level economics constructed by a bowl of “smelly” noodles is constantly opening up more room for imagination.

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