A BOLA – Sporting surprised by Fundão (Futsal)

Sporting went to Fundão to fulfill the 4th round of the League and ended up being surprised, having registered the first defeat, by 2-4.

In a balanced game, with chances for goals from both sides, Fundão took the lead early, through Peléh (4′), with a header, following a corner kick taken by Mário Freitas, but Sporting reacted well and, in the following minute, Zicky Té re-established the equality, assisted by Miguel Ângelo. In the next move, Guitta, Sporting’s goalkeeper, lost the ball in midfield and Peléh took the opportunity to make a hat, earning the intervention of Tomás Paçó who, to avoid the goal, defended with his hands and, consequently, was sent off.

Then there was a period of stoppage and response, with balls on the posts and always with the guardians in a good plan, especially Guitta who, however, at 20 minutes, could not avoid a goal by Felipe Leite.

The second half saw more of the same, with some tough plays, leading referee Wilson Soares to have to resort to cards more often (in total there were six yellows and three reds).

In a truly electrifying final stretch, Fundão took advantage of the fact that Sporting had bet on 5×4 to extend the advantage, through Peléh (37′), the lions with five fouls, also saw Thalles fail a 10-metre free-kick and Caio Ruiz still made the second of the lions (39), but it turned out to be insufficient and Sporting even ended up losing the game, taking into account that even after the 40th minute, Thalles sentenced the match, with a goal achieved by scoring a free-kick 10 meters.



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