A BOLA – Spain – Portugal live: young Portuguese seek a place in the semi-finals (U-17)

57 minutes: Double substitution in Spain, with the departures of Dani Rodriguez and Miguel Carvalho, for the entrances of David Mella and Pol Fortuny.

56 minutes: Another dazzling moment from João Veloso, with a fantastic back-heel pass to Ivan Lima who, inside the area, shoots a cross, but close to the left post of Nono’s goal.

54 minutes: Exceptional pass by João Veloso, with a trivela, and José Rodrigues, in front of Nono, shoots at the right post of the Spanish goal. What an opportunity for Portugal!

Start of the second part!

It’s all out in the open in this UEFA European Under-17 Championship quarter-final match. The Spanish team came in more assertive, with some approaches to the goal of Diogo Fernandes, but it was the young Portuguese who managed to take the advantage: in the 9th minute, and following a blatant error by Boñar, Afonso Moreira, in the center of the area, dominated with his chest and shot hard and placed for the first goal of the afternoon.

It was, however, a short-lived sun, as only 8 minutes later, Spain managed to equalize: Boñar, with a header, redeemed himself and made it 1-1.

After that, almost total balance. The Spaniards have had more possession of the ball and have played more time in the national midfield, it is a fact, but the equine team tries to take advantage of the transition situations to put the last stronghold in the opposite direction.

Break! Spain 1 Portugal 1.

45+1: Dani Pérez’s cross from the left and Moreno’s header over the bar.

Added 1 minute minimum additional time to this first half.

36 minutes: Yellow card to Iker Bravo.

30 minutes: Dani Pérez shot for a great save by Diogo Fernandes and, in the rebound, Miguel Carvalho shoots wide.

25 minutes: Miguel Carvalho, already inside the Portuguese area, shoots hard, with his left foot, with the ball going over the crossbar of Diogo Fernandes’ goal.

24 minutes: João Veloso, still from outside the area, slightly dropped to the right flank, tried to pass the hat to Nono, but the ball went slightly over the bar of the Spanish goalkeeper’s goal.

21 minutes: Yellow card to Hernandez.

17 minutes: Spain scores! Gasiorowski’s cross from the left, Keddari’s header deflected to the far post, and Boñar, also headed at the far post, re-established equality. 1-1.

9 minutes: Goal by Portugal! Bad pass by Boñar and Afonso Moreira, in the center of the area, dominated with his chest and shot with his left foot to make it 0-1.

6 minutes: Afonso Moreira, after flexing from the right to the center, aimed for the Spanish goal, but the shot by number 17 from the corner team came out weak and next to the left post of Nono’s goal.

4 minutes: Assisted by Dani Pérez and Miguel Carvalho, at the edge of the area, left-footed shot, over the crossbar of Diogo Fernandes.

3 minutes: Garriel’s cross from the left, Iker Bravo’s header for a tight save by Diogo Fernandes and, on the rebound, Moreno shoots the shot off the right post of the Portuguese goal.

Start of the match!

Spain: Ninth, Boñar CKeddari, Gasiorowski, Garriel, Miguel Carvalho, Hernandez, Moreno, Dani Rodriguez, Iker Bravo and Dani Pérez

Substitutes: Quetglás, Sogorb, Youssef, Fortuny, Álvaro Ginés, Mella, Susoho, Mendoza and Victor Moreno

Coach: Julen Guerrero

Portugal: Diogo Fernandes, Martim Fernandes, João Muniz, Diogo Monteiro CLeonardo Barroso, João Veloso, Dário Essugo, Ussumane Djaló, Afonso Moreira, José Rodrigues and Ivan Lima

Substitutes: Francisco Silva, João Conceição, Rafael Luís, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Luís Gomes, Manuel Mendonça, Tiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo and João Gonçalves

Coach: Jose Lima

Referee: Christian-Petru Ciochirca (Austria)

Assistants: Maximilian Weiss (Austria) and Isaak Elias Bashevkin (Norway)

4th Referee: Juxhin Xhaja (Albania)

There are already teams!

The duel between Portugal and Spain will decide which is the last team to guarantee qualification for the semi-finals, where the Netherlands (Italy beat Italy 2-1), France (1-1 and 4-3 in the penalty shoot-out) are already against Germany) and Serbia (defeated Denmark 2-1).

It should be remembered that Portugal has already been crowned European under-17 champion on two occasions, and in both cases, they defeated Spain in the final of the competition (2-1, in 2003, in Portugal; 1-1 , with 5-4 on penalties, in 2016 in Azerbaijan).

The young Portuguese reached this stage of the competition after finishing Group D in 2nd position, with 6 points (two wins and one defeat), while the Spaniards won Group C, with 7 points (two wins and a tie).

Portugal will face Spain this afternoon (6 pm), in a match for the quarter-finals of the U-17 European Championship, which takes place in Israel, and A BOLA online will follow all the incidents of this Iberian duel. Come with us, dear reader…

Good evening!

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