A BOLA – Samaris and Benfica try to find a solution (Benfica)

Andreas Samaris started training yesterday in team B. It was the solution found together between the 32-year-old Greek midfielder and Benfica after frustrated attempts to reach an agreement for the termination of the contract, which ends in 2023. The door to an understanding opened again.

Jorge Jesus personally informed Samaris that he was not counting on him for the next season. In the last few years, he used the medium – only nine times. The decision, assumed the coach, was purely technical.

Samaris asked to continue training at Benfica’s training center, in Seixal, while he is in a period of reflection. And it was, of course, authorized by the incarnates to do so. He preferred to be part of the B team to train alone or with players who are recovering from injuries.

Benfica understands that Samaris deserves to be treated with the greatest respect and elevation for the club’s past, which he reached in the summer of 2014. The Greek international is also grateful to Benfica for the directness of its managers and coach.



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