A BOLA – Laporta asks for a miracle in Munich (Barcelona)

The president of Barcelona believes that the team will achieve victory against Bayern, in the final round of Group E of the Champions League, the only result that interests the Catalans in the calculations for the round of 16, so as not to depend on third parties.

During an institutional action, Joan Laporta was asked if the team has the conditions to win in Munich or if only a miracle will manage to leave Germany with the three points.

“I am convinced that we can win. I asked the Virgin of Montserrat to protect us and to look out for us», shot the leader of Barça.

In fact, a draw or even a defeat could serve Barcelona’s interests, and for that they’ll have to root for a draw or defeat by Benfica that host Dynamo Kiev in the last round.

Entering the sixth round, Barcelona occupies the second place in the group, with seven points, two more than Benfica (3rd). Bayern lead with 15, Dynamo Kiev are bottom with just one point.