A BOLA – Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t eat dessert… and no one dared to eat (Manchester United)

Lee Grant, substitute Manchester United goalkeeper, in an interview with British radio talkSPORT, this Monday, told an episode that happened at the hotel where the team was staying before the game with Newcastle, which marked the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo.

«Usually, on Friday night, when we finish dinner, we usually eat a slice of crumble apple or a brownie with chantilly or something like that. I tell you, no player has touched the crumble apple or anything [risos]. No player got up to get a piece of brownie. We were seated and one of the guys asked me ‘What is Cristiano on his plate?’ We were eating and of course he had the healthiest dish you can imagine. party-me laughing, because not a single player dared get up and eat those goodies that were scattered on the table.”

The guardian did not want to reveal what Cristiano Ronaldo’s speech was when he presented himself to the group, but he reveals that it was inspiring: «We were all anxious, wondering if he was going to get on a chair and sing, as he is. usual, but he got up and it was brilliant. Obviously I won’t divulge the content of what I said, but it was very interesting. I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to come back and play for the club, which is fantastic for Manchester United fans and anyone connected to the club.”



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