A BOLA – Chiellini on Ronaldo: «I should have left sooner» (Juventus)

Giorgio Chiellini, experienced central defender for Juventus and the Italian national team, gave an interview to DAZN where he discussed the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Italy. The Juventus captain says Cristiano confessed that he wanted new stimulation in his career, which is why the Portuguese international will head to Manchester United this summer.

«I understand that he has chosen to leave, in my opinion we have reached an end in the relationship with Juvenuts where Cristiano needed new stimulation and a team to play for him, because when he finds such a team, it turns out to be like that. always decisive, as we are seeing throughout this month. It doesn’t surprise me, because he has always shown that throughout his career and also during the three years he was with us», said Chiellini about the captain of the National Team.

Despite considering that it is always better to have a player like the Portuguese, the central defender assumes that Juventus is going through a rejuvenation process: «Of course if Ronaldo had stayed we would have been more valuable in the squad, but he he prefers a team that is more focused on the present than on the future».

The Italian player has no resentment of CR7’s departure from the Turin club, stating, however, that the process could have happened earlier: “He left on 28 August. For us, it would have been better if he had left earlier, so we could prepare better. We ended up paying for it, we had a shock and ended up losing some points in the first rounds. If he had left on August 1st, we would have had time to prepare better and we would be ready to start the championship in the best possible way».



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