A BOLA – «Both Benfica and FC Porto have been unlucky in the draws» (Benfica)

Jorge Jesus reacted to the draw for the round of 16 of the Portuguese Cup, in which Benfica travels to Dragão to face FC Porto, days before Christmas (21, 22 or 23) and a week later he returns to the North to face again Sérgio Conceição’s team, in a game for the 16th round of the League, and also the play-off for access to the Qatar-2022 World Cup, in which Portugal will face Turkey and, if they win, can take Italy in the final.

«Both Benfica and FC Porto have had no luck in the draws. In Champions we were in the strongest groups, now we’re going to face the two… And neither is Portugal. They have a game and if they win, they beat Italy, it wasn’t a pleasant draw, but sometimes the hardest things are the easiest. If these games dictated the draw, we have to be calm», he stressed.



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