A BOLA – Assistant referee highlights Toni Martínez’s attitude at Sporting-FC Porto (FC Porto)

André Campos, assistant referee who was in last Saturday’s derby between Sporting and FC Porto (1-1), recounted an episode on the sidelines of the game on social media, with Spanish striker Toni Martínez as the protagonist.

The 43-year-old referee says that he was aware of a “hot argument” between FC Porto players and someone at the goal line and that, upon arriving at the scene, he realized that Spanish striker Toni Martínez was indignant with a photographer who was capturing images of the Sporting supporter who fell from the stand.

«As soon as the game stopped, I went there, in an attempt to calm them down (which even made the restart take a little longer…) and I realized they were furious with a photographer behind the billboards. Without quite understanding why, I managed to demote them there and that was when Toni Martínez (clearly the most furious and impetuous…) told me: ‘A fan fell from above and he’s taking pictures of the boy!!!’ It was then that I glanced sideways at the empty bench and saw the medical teams arriving (I hadn’t even noticed…). A supporter who is not part of his team. In a stadium that doesn’t belong to his team. In a country that is not his. What a huge attitude!», wrote André Campos on the social network Facebook.

The Spanish striker, it should be remembered, was released in the game after 65 minutes, and was eventually sent off for accumulation of yellow cards in the 87′.



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