A BOLA – Arrested farmer accused of enslaving Portuguese for 12 years (Andorra)

Andorran police detained a farmer accused of exploiting a Portuguese worker for 12 years, “working from sun to sun, without the right to vacation or documentation,” the local press said on Saturday.

According to ‘Diari d’Andorra, the Portuguese worked for a farmer in Auvinyà, for whom he worked for over a decade, 84 hours a week.

He was arrested for a crime against workers’ rights, and later released, “with a term of identity and residence, pending trial”.

“For 12 years, the Portuguese worked from Monday to Saturday on a tobacco plantation in absolute document anonymity and without having any contract”, wrote the ‘Diari d’Andorra’.

It was because of a work accident he suffered in early November 2019 that the authorities arrested the boss this week.

The newspaper says that an emigrant has never had a vacation day for 12 years, and that his working day “started at 6 am and ended at 8 pm, with an hour of lunch”.

He is waiting for a medical intervention, for the placement of a prosthesis, and currently lives in a room in a government building, which he shares with four other people.

The worker also had no residence permit and, therefore, health coverage, leaving a financial debt in the hospital that was eventually taken over by the Andorra social affairs department.


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