A bleak year for Mexican theater

MEXICO CITY (appro) .- The situation of the theater players is to mourn. The deception, the abandonment, the cuts, the irresponsibility of the cultural authorities. Nothing, nothing, just unemployment, theater closings, mock negotiations and support agreements.

It is incredible to believe that simply speaking, alternatives are given, fostered, and generated. There are no facts, just you. A few little money around here, a few calls, that do not add up, do not even add up to the budget designated for this year and that little was used. Where is the struggle of our cultural authorities to increase support? Not for projects in the style of the PRI (such as Cenart was at the time and which is now the Chapultepec Project), but to really fulfill its obligations towards the theater as a basic need of our society, now focusing on the makers of the theater.


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