A biopic about Elvis Presley and the terror of ‘Black Phone’, featured releases of the week

Netflix presents a Korean remake of ‘The paper house’ and a series with Rowan Atkinson

The American rock and roll singer and songwriter Elvis Presley will be one of the stars of the big screen with the premiere this Friday of the biopic ‘Elvis’. The film explores Presley’s life and music through the prism of his complicated relationship with Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). For lovers of horror movies, Scott Derrickson premieres ‘Black Phone’, a film about a very sadistic murderer who kidnaps a boy and locks him in a basement. On the other hand, Netflix offers the new Korean version of the successful Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel’. The new version is set in a future where the two Koreas are about to unify. Rowan Atkinson lands on the platform with ‘Man vs. Bee’.


Baz Luhrmann, responsible for films such as ‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013) or ‘Moulin Rouge’ (2001), premieres ‘Elvis’, a biopic about the popular singer Elvis Presley (Austin Butler). The film explores Presley’s life and music through the prism of his complicated relationship with Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), his manager, spanning more than 20 years.

‘Black Phone’

Scott Derrickson premieres the horror and suspense film ‘Black Phone’, a film with Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw and Ethan Hawke. A very sadistic killer kidnaps a shy and intelligent 13-year-old boy named Finney Shaw and locks him in a soundproof basement. He will listen to the voice of the victims before him and who will try to prevent him from ending up just like them.

‘Promises in Paris’

Actors Isabelle Huppert and Reda Kateb star in Thomas Kruithof’s thriller ‘Promises in Paris’. Political commitment, integrity and the dilemmas that come with power are the keys to the film. After a long career as mayor of a society near Paris, Clémence faces her challenge to present herself as minister.

‘Tehran law’

Saeed Roustaee is the director of the film ‘The Law of Tehran’. In Iran, the sentence for drug possession is the same whether you carry 30 grams or 50 kilos: the death penalty. For this reason, drug traffickers bet on the highest figures and the sale of crack skyrockets. A cop named Samad has been chasing drug lord Nasse K. for years and it seems he’s about to catch him.

‘A love of Scotland’

‘Un amor a Escòcia’ arrives in theaters dubbed in Catalan. It tells the story of Phil, a man from a small island community in the north of Scotland who suffers a stroke that causes him to lose his memory. The protagonist will coincide with a woman from the community who will take care of him. As he tries to get her memories back, she claims that the two of them were in love before her accident. The drama is directed by Bouli Lanners and stars Michelle Fairley, Bouli Lanners and Cal MacAninch.

‘full of grace’

Carmen Machi, Paula Usero and Pablo Chiapella star in ‘Llenos degracia’ by Roberto Bueso. Marina is a very unusual nun who arrives in the summer of 1994 at El Parral, a school threatened with closure. Although the nun Marina is received with many misdeeds by the inmates, she will have an idea that changes everything: form a soccer team. She with the help of two nuns she will create something similar to a family. Years later, one of the interns will make his debut in the Real Madrid first team.

‘The snow leopard’

The documentary ‘The Snow Leopard’ by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier proposes a work that shows the unique animals of Tibet and specifically, the snow leopard, one of the most difficult felines to find. The production is considered as a return to the animal essence of man.

‘An unexpected mess’

‘Un embolic inesperat’ is the new film by Melissa Drigeard that has been dubbed in Catalan. Starring Elsa Zylberstein, Stéphane De Groodt and Guy Marchand, this is a French comedy that revolves around the family, the couple and lies in a kind and delicate tone. The feature film tells the story of an apparently fantastic marriage with three children and a perfect professional life. One weekend they will decide to travel each on their own, with their respective lovers. The problem will come when both have the same idea: take the lover to the family farm in the countryside.

‘Camila will sadrá tonight’

After going through the official section of the San Sebastián Festival and the Mar de Plata Festival, ‘Camila will come out tonight’ by Inés Barrionuevo arrives in theaters. It is a generational portrait of today’s Argentina. The film contrasts the liberal vision of the protagonist with the more traditional one in the new environment where she appears. In this way, she openly raises feminist demands and values, defends sexual freedom and violence against women. It is a faithful account of an Argentine youth that fights for their rights and raises doubts about their situation.

Netflix presents the Korean remake of ‘The paper house’

The new Korean version of the successful Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel’ premieres on Netflix on Friday. The Asian remake has some differences from the original, but it keeps the spirit. The new version is set in a future where the two Koreas are about to unify after 80 years of division. As the two countries prepare to print the new common currency, ‘The Professor”s gang of robbers plan a big heist.

Meanwhile, Rowan Atkinson (the actor from the classic ‘Mr Bean’) is starring in the new comedy series ‘Man vs. Bee’. Atkinson plays an unskilled family man who finds work as a housekeeper. His first assignment is to take charge of a luxurious mansion, a task that will be complicated by the appearance of a very inopportune bee. The first season also premieres this June 24.

Filmin premieres the movie ‘True things’

The film that Filmin premieres this June 24 is the film adaptation of Deborah Kay Davies’ novel ‘True things about me’. Ruth Wilson and Tom Burke star in this drama that explores female sensuality and desire. Kate’s life moves from the tedium of the daily grind to her office when she suddenly finds herself drawn to a very mysterious stranger. Wilson herself and Jude Law are the producers.

The platform is also premiering all seven episodes of the successful Norwegian series ‘Everything You Love’. A controversial fiction whose protagonist discovers that her crush is flirting with the extreme right mainly through Internet forums. The series was awarded at the last edition of the Cannes series festival.

New season of ‘Westworld’

HBO Max premieres this Monday the fourth season of ‘Westworld’. In this case, a dark odyssey about the fate of life arises. Oscar winner Ariana DeBose joins as a guest actress.

Next Tuesday the platform will premiere the complete series of ‘Schitt’s creek’, a family comedy that revolves around the Rose. A family is forced to abandon their lives to regroup and rebuild their empire from within the confines of a rural town.

New season of ‘Only murders in the building’

Disney + premieres next Tuesday the second season of ‘Only murders in the building’. This time the leading trio is again involved in a new murder in a New York building.

Amazon Prime Video premieres ‘Chloe’

Amazon Prime Video premieres the long-awaited psychological thriller ‘Chloe’. The six-episode series premieres this Friday and reviews the story of a girl obsessed with the perfect image reflected in the social networks of a friend of hers. When this friend dies, the protagonist will assume her identity and go undercover to find out what happened and the mysteries of death

Apple TV+ makes you think about wealth

Apple TV + premieres this Friday ‘Loot’. The series focuses on a billionaire who has a dream life in private boats, a large mansion and everything one can dream of. But when her husband betrays her as the protagonist, she will lose her roles. From here the protagonist will begin a journey of self-discovery that will lead her to see that helping the rest of her can be the way to be herself again.

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