A bar owner uses a cunning ploy to attract customers .. After throwing a bill in front of the bar at the visitors, the shock was! • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: a Jordanian citizen was sentenced to prison after resorting to an out-of-the-ordinary marketing ploy to attract customers and promote a new café he wanted to open in the capital, Amman.

In his marketing trick, the Jordanian citizen relied on throwing a “fifty” dinar note in front of the visitor and customer bar, which is very similar to the fifty denomination, but as soon as it is opened, the customer is surprised that the card is a “20% discount coupon on hookah and all drinks for its holder”. According to Al Arabiya.net.

While the marketing idea won the admiration of communication activists, the owner of the bar was arrested, accused of using images of 50 dinar bills to advertise the bar and give discounts to his customers.

A Jordanian legal source revealed that the accusation that can be attributed to the owner of the coffee is “counterfeiting, promotion and possession of banknotes”, as Jordanian law is punished with temporary work and a fine of not less than five hundred dinars and not. more than a thousand dinars for those who falsify a banknote whose appearance indicates that it is a banknote.

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