A BALL – «When you come from a Champions League and arrive at a completely different stadium…» (Benfica)

In the wake of the heavy defeat against Bayern (0-4), Benfica managed to beat Vizela (1-0) in the League. At the end of the match, Jorge Jesus took on the difficulties of changing the chip again in a competition like the Champions League.

«When you come from a competition like the Champions, with 70,000 in the stands and you arrive at a completely different stadium… As much as you talk to the players, who say that the goal is the championship, this is mental. In the second part, with the danger of not winning the game, they started to risk more», he shot in the quick interview.

Jorge Jesus also left a word for Rafa, the hero of the match.

“This is a process that we have been practicing when we are at the limit of risk. We finished the game with seven strikers and it worked. I knew Rafa was not in physical condition, but I always believed in him, I knew that in a quick move he could surprise. It turned out to be the opposite of what I thought and it was a submission», he concluded.



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