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A 5-year-old boy from Mongolia, Ochirs, came to Taiwan for 2 operations. Currently, 10 fingers have been successfully separated. He will return to Taiwan for head surgery in 2 years. (Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan / Kaohsiung Report]Ochir, a 5-year-old boy in Mongolia, suffers from a rare congenital disease “Aber’s disease”. Due to the early closure of the cranial sutures, the skull is deformed and the severe fingers and toes commonly known as the rosebud hand. Finger problem, in August of this year, thanks to the collaboration of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and the Luo Huifu Craniofacial Foundation, he went down to perform surgery. After 2 surgeries, Ochir happily proved that he finally had 10 fingers.

Lai Ruibin, director of plastic surgery at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital, pointed out that when he went to Mongolia for a free clinic in September 2019, he found that Ochir, who was only 2 years old at the time, had “Aber disease”. . The foundation discussed the repatriation of the sick child to Taiwan for treatment.


Lai Ruibin, director of plastic surgery at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Hospital, explained that Ochir is the most severe type 3 of Aberyggio disease. (Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

Just when everything was in order, it happened that Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) broke out in the world. During this period, in addition to monitoring the disease through video, until this year it was gradually opened border gate, was immediately arranged to come to Taiwan for treatment and surgery., a medical team was set up by Kaohsiung Chang Gung Department of Neurosurgery, Pediatric Neurology, Dentistry and Rehabilitation for diagnosis and treatment.

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Considering that Ochir’s epilepsy is currently well controlled by medications, his brain function is not impaired and there is no problem with increased brain pressure, and there is no urgent need for surgical treatment for head abnormalities. most severe type of the 3 types of congenital hand anomalies with Aber disease Hospital evaluation, the first task is to glue it in one piece Fingers and toes are separated so that he can start training and use hands and feet.


Ochir’s original fingers were all synapses.After 2 surgical separations and rehabilitation, he can now successfully hold the pen. (Provided by Kaohsiung Chang Gung)

The medical team performed the first operation for Ochir in mid-August. Jiang Yuanzheng, a physician with the most experience in treating congenital hand anomalies in Taiwan, led two treating doctors and other medical personnel to separate the tiger’s mouth on both hands, the third web of the finger and right foot 1 web of the toe, the skin of the left flank was grafted and the lower part of the finger tape was covered with a local flap to avoid contractures. A second operation was performed in early October, the second and fourth mesh of both hands and the first mesh of the left foot were separated, and the skin of the right hip and waist was used for skin grafting. The 2 operations required a total of 20 skin grafts and the process was quite laborious.

Lai Ruibin said the hardest part of Ochir’s treatment is completing what is usually completed within a year in a very short period of time.This is also a challenge international medical care often faces, mainly because the fingers of hands and feet will have skin after parting.The defect needs to be covered with their own skin, so it needs to be done in stages.The skin repaired the first time needs to be firm before the second time.This is mainly about taking two rows of skin from the groin on both sides to the waist. Fortunately it went well. Complete 2 surgeries.

Lai Ruibin pointed out that Abel’s disease is a congenital genetic problem, and there is no genetic problem, but it affects hand function. It is recommended to perform the surgery for 6 months to 1 year. Even for Ochir he is late, but luck is very good. Well, the treatment process went very well. Currently, I plan to perform Ochir’s head and jaw retraction surgery after 2 years.

Ochir came to Taiwan for surgery, 80% of the medical bills were subsidized by the Chang Gung Social Service Fund, and the other 20% of the medical and subsistence bills (including airline tickets for the family) were assisted by the Luo Huifu Craniofacial Foundation He is expected to leave Taiwan and return to Mongolia tomorrow.


Ochir is playing with his fingers with his mother. (Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

Ochir’s father said Ochir was his second child. At first he didn’t know about the disease, but he didn’t know until he went to the Mongolian hospital for treatment. He was very happy that the two operations had been very successful in Taiwan for the treatment. The results exceeded their expectations. , Ochir is very excited to have 10 fingers. Their family has been in Taiwan for more than 3 months and they are very used to the hot weather here. Even if they don’t understand the language, their hearts are full of the warmth given by the Taiwanese.

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