a 4 M € project and 20 jobs?

Zac du Kickelsberg, Renaissance era? Divided into plots classified as flood-prone, this land of great hopes for the agglomeration has regained its attractiveness in recent months: “We had a little trouble marketing these lands. But now, things are off to a good start, ”enthuses Bernard Veinnant, mayor of Basse-Ham and vice-president in charge of ecological transition and new mobility at Portes de France-Thionville. A reference to the upcoming establishment of a logistics center for DH Lighting Europe , 3rd largest manufacturer of bulbs for the automotive industry based in Luxembourg. Good news spread in community council last April. Five months later, the Zac du Kickelsberg is again talking about it: a family company aims to create a large-scale multi-activity complex.

The project

The objective is to have sports and industrial poles coexist under the same roof. A first area would be devoted to the practice of a discipline that is gaining notoriety: padel, close relative of tennis and squash. A fitness room and a golf simulator complete this sporting offer: “This simulator would be a perfect complement for the golf course opposite, especially during the winter period”, observes Bernard Veinnant. A catering area (100 seats) is also on the roadmap.

One of the three project leaders, at the head of a food supplement manufacturing company in Luxembourg, intends to repatriate this activity to the Basse-Ham site. The same route taken as DH Ligthing Europe, in short. Can we detect the beginnings of a wider relocation process in the North Mosellan territory? Pierre Cuny wants to believe it: “Our land is very attractive for Luxembourg companies. Hence the need to develop our areas, ”reaffirms the president of Portes de France.

The consequences

Portes de France has given its agreement for the sale of a parcel with an area of ​​8,435 m², subject to survey. Charge to Sodevam, concessionaire in the area, to finalize this sale at a price of € 30 excluding tax per m². A great financial operation in sight for the agglomeration with a return of around € 250,000. This file is still weighted with two strong promises made by the project leaders: an investment of € 4 million and the creation of around twenty jobs on site. So much for the medium term.

By looking to the future, this new location would above all contribute to boosting the attractiveness of the Zac du Kickelsberg. It is rumored in particular that the area could house a parking lot as part of the future realization of the High Level Service Bus (BRT).

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