A 3D printer from the Bohemian Paradise is preparing for serial production of a transparent respirator

The appearance and technical design of the respirator attracted the attention of the international jury at the German Design Awards competition, which awarded the Turnov idea with special recognition in the Medical, Rehabilitation and Healthcare category. The company is now preparing for serial production, and wants to raise money for it on the crowdunding portal Hithit.

They worked on the Turnov company for half a year on the development of a transparent respirator with above-standard breathing comfort. The transparent mask allows you to see the facial expressions and mouth of a user who is not sweating and can breathe freely. The respirator can be used repeatedly. Only HEPA filters developed and manufactured by the 3D printer are replaceable. “The certification of the mask is currently underway at the Research Institute of Occupational Safety in Prague,” said project leader Lukáš Berndt.

Photo: 3D printer Turnov

According to the company, transparent respirators can be used wherever facial expressions are also important in interpersonal communication.

“We have responded to the needs of health professionals and teachers as a 3D printing company. It occurred to us that it was possible to create a respirator with a high degree of protection and at the same time not cover their faces, “said Peter Knobloch, the company’s owner, about the product.

According to him, the mask could be used especially in fields where the face covered with a filter mask or veil causes problems in interpersonal communication, such as care for the hearing impaired, seniors, pediatric patients, and many other industries. The respirator offers protection higher than a normal FFP3 mask, thanks to the hydrophilic inner layer, it does not mist or mist the user’s glasses.

The 3D printer in Turnov deals with the construction of prototype models, including professional surface treatment at the customer’s request. The start-up campaign for the start of serial production of the mask will be launched by the company on the Hithit portal on Monday, October 26. A complete set of respirator and two filters can be purchased for 999 crowns, after the start of serial production it will be sold for 1499 crowns.

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