A 1930s sports car from a Ukrainian designer is being sold at auction (photo)

In the US, an exclusive 1934 Packard Twelve Sport Coupe is being sold at RM Sotheby’s. It is planned to be sold for several million dollars.

This is mentioned on site auction house.

The car is unique in that it has a streamlined body from LeBaron. This design was once developed by a stylist of Ukrainian origin, Count Alexei Sakhnovsky.

He was a descendant of the famous sugar manufacturer and philanthropist Artem Tereshchenko on his mother’s side, and on his father’s side – Nikolai Gogol and Hetman Pavel Polubotok.

In 1917 Sakhnovsky emigrated to Europe and then to America. There he took up auto design.

The stylist surprised the world with non-standard and ahead of time works.

As a result, the Packard Twelve Sport Coupe became one of the first aerodynamic American cars.

The interior of the model, of which there were only four in the world, is trimmed with wood and pony skin.

The Packard Twelve has a 7.0-liter engine with 160 horsepower. With. and a three-speed manual transmission. The maximum speed of the car is 162 km / h.

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