A 13-year-old girl ready to donate bone marrow to her sister

“Tsveti has blood cancer, acute lymphocytic leukemia. She is currently in remission at ISUL in pediatric oncohematology under the care of Dr. Nadezhda Yurukova and under the personal supervision of my great friend Professor Dobrin Konstantinov, when I have full confidence because he saved many Bulgarian children.

Well, Tsveti is sick. And Desi is her sister, who is ready to donate bone marrow to her at a clinic in Dusseldorf. Thank God, the Health Insurance Fund, which is spit on by many, will take over the operations. Well done! “This is what the famous presenter Niki Kanchev wrote on his Facebook account, calling for someone who can help the family.

Desi, 13, is ready to sacrifice herself for her sister.

“However, more money is needed, because Tsveti and her mother Mira, the most ordinary Bulgarian woman from Pernik region, will have to live in Germany from 6 months to 1 year while the manipulations last,” Kanchev added.

Here is the bank account to which you can transfer whatever you choose for Tsveti Strahilova.

United Bulgarian Bank

Tsveta Boykova Strahilova

BG50UBBS80021018910250 BIC код UBBSBGSF

Here is what the presenter Niki Kanchev wrote:

“Lord, Lord, we also think we have problems.

No, people, we have Heroes! Like Desi Strahilova.

So send money and come to Pernik on June 21 for a big charity concert at 7 pm at the “Stadium of Peace” in the city. I will lead!

And something important to my friends from pop and rock music: Cool, you know how much I love and support you, how much I invited you for interviews. In the poster for the concert, however, there are only the so-called pop-folk stars: Preslava, Lorena, Teddy Alexandrova, Ani Hoang, Antonia and a bunch of their colleagues. Today I heard from Preslava and she was crying!

So my dear pop and rock performers, come to Pernik on Monday to do the coolest concert, if necessary we will play and sing for Tsveti all night.

Pernik, we are with you! “



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