A 10-year-old girl in Zhongli was hit by a tour bus at a pedestrian crossing, knocked over by a small passenger, and then crushed and died of a ruptured liver | Society | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Hong Zhengda / Taoyuan Report

▲ Wu Nan, the tour bus driver, was about to turn right at the time, but he didn’t see the girl surnamed Chen about to cross the zebra crossing, so he knocked her down on the spot. (Image/Flip Screen)

A tragic car accident occurred on the evening of the 2nd in Zhongli District of Taoyuan City: a 10-year-old girl surnamed Chen was about to cross the crosswalk after school when she was hit by a tour bus turning right and then run over by another passenger. she, the girl was seriously injured and fell to the ground at the scene, and was pronounced dead even though she was rushed to hospital; Wu Nan (54), the tour bus driver who caused the accident at the time, got out of the car to check, but drove away before the police arrived. Hush and run, the police alerted Wu Nan to come to the case to explain, and together with the driver Zeng (63 years old), the young guest , was transferred to justice.

The police pointed out that the car accident occurred at around 5:43 pm on the 2nd. Wu Nan was driving a tour bus, turned right along Jilin North Road in Zhongli District, turned right onto Wenzhong Road, and drove towards the junction to Jilin North Road and Heding At the intersection, I suspected that I had not noticed the girl surnamed Chen coming from the crosswalk. The girl was run over on the spot, and then the man surnamed Zeng ran over the passenger. After Wu Nan’s car accident stopped and inspected, went ahead before the police arrived. Upon removal, suspected of hit and run; the girl surnamed Chen who was hit and crushed was seriously injured. In addition to the bruises on her limbs, her liver also had lacerations. Signs of life lost, although the hospital made efforts to save him, he was still pronounced dead at 18:00. 54.

Later, the boy who ran over the girl still had blood on the ground, as well as the mask the girl was wearing.  (Image/Flip Screen)

▲ Later, there were bloodstains on the ground where the girl was run over, as well as the mask the girl was wearing. (Image/Flip Screen)

After the police were reported at the scene at the time, the alcohol test ruled out that the little passenger surname Zeng was driving under the influence of alcohol. The cause of the accident can only be determined after the police have examined the relevant video.

After the car accident, the girl’s mother said in an online PO article that the tour bus was moving at the time, and the monitor on the car did not capture the process of the second time her daughter was crushed by the passenger. only first impressions, so I begged family members to clarify the truth about the dashcam footage.

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