A 1-kilometer shared cycle path for pedestrians is set up on the Wan Chai waterfront in Central, where bicycles can be borrowed for free to travel along the waterfront

There is a 1-kilometer shared cycle path for pedestrians on the Wan Chai waterfront in Central, where citizens can borrow bicycles for free to ride along the waterfront. Photo by Lu Jiangqiu

[Sing Tao Daily ha riferito]The Waterfront Affairs Commission and the Civil Engineering and Development Department jointly held the “Port Port Sharing Fun Day” at a section of the waterfront from Central to Wan Chai today (27) to promote the inclusive transition of pedestrians and cyclists network that is steered-“shared path”.

The “Sharing Path” connects Central Pier 9 to the waterfront promenade west of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total length of about 1 kilometer and a width of about 6 meters. Unlike the traditional cycle path separated from the pedestrian path, pedestrians and cyclists can share the “shared path” and bicycles must walk within the green warning line. Notices are also posted on the site to remind the public to pay attention to safety, so as to effectively use the waterfront land and make the waterfront more lively and diverse.

Click to view the details of the free bike rental plan for the shared bike path:

The authorities have set up two bicycle stations near Pier 10 in Central and Wanzi Expo Road Promenade. Citizens can borrow and return bicycles at the beginning and end of the cycle path at any time. In addition to instant bicycle loan on site, citizens can also rent bicycles through the reservation function in the “Hong Kong Shared Path” mobile application. Each account can book one bike for adults and one for children per day and the loan time is 1 hour each time. In other words, citizens can borrow bikes for free from Central to Wanchai, or from Wanchai to Central, and commute within the hour on the shared bike path.

The bicycle station is open from 9:00 to 21:00, and the fare is free. A deposit of 100 yuan is required when borrowing a bicycle, and the deposit will be refunded when the bicycle is returned. At this stage, there are 30 bicycles available for free loan at the bicycle station. There are 5 types of bicycles available for loan, including adult bicycles, children’s bicycles, children’s tricycles, children’s balance bikes and auxiliary trolleys for children.

Hong Kong cyclist Huang Jinbao and former Hong Kong Cycling Team member and current cycling coach Qiu Duoming also came to the “sharing path” and experienced it for themselves. Huang Jinbao expressed the hope that in future cyclists will have more and more space to ride their bikes and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong

The Victoria Harbor “Sharing Trail” pilot project began on August 29 and will run for a year. Ng Wing-shun, chairman of the Waterfront Affairs Committee, said the project aims to allow the public to experience the waterfront shared by pedestrians and bicycles. During the trial period, the public can submit questionnaires on the “shared path” and jointly formulate the rules for the shared path More waterfront projects will be provided in the future The cycle path facilities gradually realize the idea of ​​developing a network of shared paths on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

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