99% of Canada has been cold since early May, except this sector

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 6:31 PM – It’s been cold since the beginning of May, all of Canada is left with below normal temperatures, with the exception of an area which is above normal: Nunavut


In short :

  • A boss who allows the cold to slide to Quebec;
  • A start to the month below normal;
  • The trend is reversing.

A cold coming down

The atmospheric pattern has allowed the cold to descend very low in the country, up to the American border, since the beginning of May. Only northern Canada was spared by the trough responsible for the descent of arctic air. Thus, Nunavut is the only sector to record highs and lows above normal since the beginning of the month. On average, minimum temperatures have been warmer than expected for the maximum for this period. In Iqualuit, the average maximum temperature between May 1 and May 9, 2021 was 2.27 ° C, while the average minimum temperature was -2.06 ° C. The average temperature was therefore 0.11 ° C… while the normal is -6.4 ° C.


Beginning of month below normal

Since the start of the year, Quebec has recorded above normal temperatures. The beginning of May broke this trend. The mercury remained below normal and there were episodes of freezing on the ground. However, the second half of the month could see the month end near or slightly above normal.


Him again…

The main culprit of this generalized cold: the famous blockage of Greenland. This high pressure area remained in this position for most of the winter and spring. The result is not very interesting for Quebec: the trajectory of the high winds prevents the heat from reaching the province.


Return of sweetness

Fortunately for Quebec, a more zonal trajectory of the jet stream will allow the softness to return to Quebec. From Thursday, temperatures will again reach 20 ° C in the south of the province. The mercury should remain near 20 ° C for several days. Although the first third of May was chilly, the month is expected to average near or slightly above normal.


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