97% of Russian targets in Ukraine are civilian objects / Articles

“We are fighting against a terrorist state. Ukraine will win and bring war criminals to justice,” Reznikov stresses.

One of the targets of the Russian attacks was the village of Kamyanka in the liberated Kharkiv region. This place is literally wiped off the face of the earth, its situation is assessed by the Ukrainian security authorities.

Kamyanka is only seven kilometers from the front line. Bloody fighting continued here for months. No house is left intact. Most of the approximately 1,300 villagers managed to escape. Either on their own or with the help of the Ukrainian military.

The exact number of dead villagers is still unknown. People were found stuck in cellars, buried in gardens. Those who managed to survive do not know what to do next. Also Ludmila Kornijča, whose house was completely destroyed.

“There was a clear feeling that a little more and we will be killed somewhere, one of us will leave. I don’t know how we will live. I ask myself this question every day. What to do? Where to start? ” asks Ludmila.

About 40 people were taken from the village by the Russian army. Including Olga Cherednichenko and her family. She says Russian soldiers forcibly evicted her family from their home and moved them to Izyum, which was then occupied by Russia. Now Olga and her son are back. They collect grain and then exchange it for food.

“Apparently, they threw a grenade and destroyed everything. This grain… This is grain from the collective farm. My husband bought new agricultural equipment. Combines, seeders. All the equipment was imported, high quality. Everything it was destroyed, ”says Olga.

There is no electricity, gas or water in Kamyanka. Most likely, it won’t even be there all winter. Communications have been destroyed.

It’s similar in other parts of Ukraine. As a result of regular Russian missile attacks, the capital Kiev is also experiencing power outages and heat supply disruptions.

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An apartment building in Ukraine has been damaged by a Russian missile attack


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warns that Russia is preparing a new wave of missile attacks against the country’s already badly damaged energy infrastructure.

Representatives of the Ukrainian military say a Russian warship deployed in the Black Sea, from which cruise missiles can be launched, could be a sign of new attacks.

Meanwhile, on land, the fiercest fighting is currently going on near Bahmut. As the representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhii Cherevaty announced, the enemy carries out about 200 attacks every day in the direction of Bakhmut.

In an interview with the television channel “Espresso TV”, Cherevatys also said that the situation is made more complicated by the bad weather conditions.

“Bakhmut remains the epicenter of the main struggle in Ukraine. Here the enemy carries out the greatest number of attacks and we see 180-200 shootings every day,” says Cherevaty.

“They are also trying to attack our positions in other ways. Since there is a solvent and the ground is soft, the enemy has changed tactics: it is no longer possible to use tanks, armored vehicles or other combat equipment. Therefore, the the enemy is forming smaller groups with which he is trying to approach our positions through forest path positions”.

“The operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hampered by fog, but we are still finding ways to fight the enemy.

Drones and other means are used. The Russian army suffers heavy losses every day. But the most important thing is that the enemy fails to break through our defense line.”


On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to start invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Putin claimed that NATO would use Ukraine as a springboard for aggression against Russia, although there was no evidence for these claims. Ukraine believes Putin’s real goal is to destroy Ukraine’s statehood and bring the territory under Moscow’s control.

In early autumn, in the Ukraine counterattack liberated from the occupants more territory than Russia had managed to capture since early April.

On November 11, units of Russian troops left the city of Chersonwhere soon Ukrainian soldiers have entered.

Russia with missiles regularly bomb Ukrainian cities, to leave Ukrainians without electricity and heating in winter. The European Parliament is Russia said for being a state sponsor of terrorism.

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