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Vizhinjam: 93 crore rupees for the development of Kovalam tourist center Minister meeting decided to use this money to bathe in the beach. Procedure to change to Iran for those returning after sea bathing Tourists are hoping to get drinking water to quench their thirst. L.

International map of Kovalam tourist resort 20 crore announced during the last government in the name of Sanam 52 crore announced in the last days of the UT and UDF governments. In addition to this, the development of crores declared separately has reached The locals say no. 93 crore belongs to the government beyond this.

No action taken to vacate the encroachments

The entire stretch from Kovalam Kottaram to Howva Beach is a huge beach. They said that it was in the hands of Karya Hotel Group and took steps to evict them. There is an allegation that there is no. The entrance to the resort was located at Hauwa Beach. Tourist vehicle parking area.

As the land belongs to the hoteliers, they also collect the fee. of But this part is trying to build another five star hotel. There is With that, tourists will have only one road to reach the beach.

Hotel lobbies undermine development

The name of the beach where thousands of people come and go every day has no toilets. Widespread protests had already risen in In order to get rid of that bad name, the government has observed an international month in Bhoomi. The efforts of the authorities to make arrangements including Limuri are hota. Locals say that the lobbies are broken.

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While Bandhapettavar boasts that it is a tourist destination in Nilavarat. Kovalam became the main beach without even drinking water. 93 crores in basic development, but all these are likely to happen. Tourists also have problems. With the coming up of a five star hotel in the existing parking area, Waha There will be a situation where travelers will have to deal with you.

Instead, base development on the wrong corporate land. The argument of the authorities that Mundakku is stuck in threads The authorities say that there will be meat.

Cracked road and handrail

Cracked sidewalks and broken handrails rusted in the snow. Non-falling and non-burning street lights and straight color There are surveillance cameras on the beach. Unannounced schemes to attract tourists The locals say that there is no need.

Measures taken to attract recreational tourists

Attracting more leisure tourists is a two-step process. This is where innovation activities take place. Infrastructure Development at Hawa Beach and Lighthouse Beach , the demarcation of IB Beach and Atimalatura Beach has started. Age is the first step.

The second phase of the project is the development of IB Beach and Atimathur. Be a part of 93 crores project prepared and submitted by Kifbi Special for implementation Cabinet meeting to appoint WAPCOS as a vehicle for the purpose of Enough is enough.

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