90-minute workshop to create a micro-business in Savonnières

It is mainly intended to support entrepreneurs wishing to launch into commercial activities. To respond to the various concerns of future entrepreneurs, the workshop will be organized by URSSAF if the company’s activities are of a liberal nature, namely intellectual or technical services. If it is a craft activity, in this case, it is necessary to approach the CMA. Several themes are on the program, in particular the finalization of the registration file with the help of a formalities advisor. This will accompany the future entrepreneur to complete his registration file: from the specification of the activity, its location and its legal status, including filling out forms and adding supporting documents. In addition, a point will be made on the accounting and tax rules to get off to a good start. At the end of the workshop, those registered will be able to start their activity without further delay. Since they will receive by e-mail the registration receipt and the SIREN number.


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