9 years in prison for a Rotterdam customs officer who allowed drugs through | Inland

The 39-year-old O. is said to have designated the container in the systems as a ‘controlled container without special features’ even before the ship was moored. This allowed others to collect the cargo unhindered.

“The suspect has deliberately entered incorrect information into the digital systems in a sophisticated manner, which allowed him to release containers to prevent them from being checked for the presence of (among other things) narcotics,” the court said. “By abusing his position as a customs officer, the suspect has caused damage to the image of the port of Rotterdam both at home and abroad. He has also discredited public trust in the integrity of customs as a government body. ”

The prosecution spoke of “the tip of the iceberg during the handling of the case.” Messages in the encrypted telephone of the Rotterdammer show that he has frequently let containers through in this way.

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